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Worst Drinks that We Think are Healthy!! Alternative Health Tips, Nutrition, Weight Loss

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Worst Drinks that Claim to be Healthy & Alternative Health Tips, Nutrition, Weight Loss, What to Drink!

Corrina reveals the worst drinks that claim to be healthy or that people think are healthy, she also offers healthy alternative drinks!

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  1. "If I were to eat a bug, I would rather eat the whole bug rather than a chemical derived from the bug"

    Well then you, ma'am, are weird.

  2. Hi I looked to find a video . but can you review powder coffee creamers . like coffee mate and creamora and even powder milk . thank you for your channel . Bobby

  3. in the good old days I even drank Coke! lol! my last coke was 1991!! I only drink water when thirsty. I cannot stand sweet stuff anymore. I do, however, take a few beers, but not to often.
    I guess we cannot be 100 pst all the time! lol!

  4. great job on this video, very informative. Please share information on Clear American water with phenylketonurics/aspartame and its relation to renal failure.

  5. You're not ANY better off consuming regular sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. 35mg of sugar is still 35mg of sugar. Does it taste different? Obviously. Is sugar better for you? No.

  6. How can i ever trust a label chart?idk I'm gonna start drinking my own piss.idk what to drink now everything is harmful

  7. I hear a lot of fucktards in the comments bitching about price.

    Look, I go to the store. Do you? Maybe your mom is just making excuses because change is difficult. Maybe you’re making excuses because of the sugar addiction, but the prices are not all that different.

    And if you’re on a budget, drink water.

  8. Thank Carrina it was awesome video, but what about only pure spring water that I get out of my well on the top of the Appalachian mountain, what do you think of that? Thanks again.

  9. The question is why are we letting The Food Administration get away with all of this everything they do that pertains to our Foods consumption has artificial ingredients in it or something that could hurt the body why are we letting them get away with this as a people that's the big question

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