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Workout & diet plan and Body measurements of clients in fitness club software

All new easy gym software brings you fastest way to add or manage workout plan, diet plan or upload body measurements.
In this video, I show you how.

1) Go to clients
in the rightmost column of each client, you see the dark blue button called profile. click on it.

2) You can see client details here which can be edited later by ADMIN level user only by clicking on edit details button.
Let’s try

Click on dark blue button edit details. Now you can change anything and click on update button.


The client profile is updated. Very easy and secured.

3) You can see

A) Client’s feedback;
B) gym membership billing history;
C) Group classes billing history;
D) Personal training billing history;
E) POS billing history – POS is for billing of add-on services, billing for supplements, accessories etc;
F) Freeze unfreeze history of client;
G) Pending payments or instalments status. You can easily apply for payments on one click.;
H) Complaints
Easy gym software gives you proper follow-up mechanism for complaints management and here on client profile, you can see complaint history by this particular client;

I) Attendance
In Easy Gym Software, you can mark attendance of clients via biometric devices, barcode scanner and manual attendance option are also available in the software. Attendance logs of the client will be shown here and you can use this date filter to view attendance of particular defined time period.

4) Scroll up and now let’s add body measurements of client

You see some general fields of body measurments,
You can also get any number of fields added or removed from our support team as per your requirement. To submit this form you should at least fill 2 or more fields.

The software also maintains measurement history and this second column named trend compares last two measurement records and this gives you the very clear picture of the progress of your client achievement towards his her fitness goals.

You can click on the print button to take print out and this red button will send SMS on client phone along with the link of body measurements so that client can see body measurements and comparisons right on phone.
Same is with this email button…

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