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Why “Cheat Meals” are KILLING Your Gains! (SORRY)

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If you thought the occasional cheat meal was not going to hurt your chances of having abs, I’m here to tell you otherwise. In this video, I’m going to tell you why cheat meals are killing your gains and why you should never have one ever again. I know it sounds harsh, but let me explain.

In actuality, it’s not the composition of the cheat meal itself that I find objectionable. It’s the concept of the cheat that makes this something difficult for me to swallow. The whole idea behind this type of food or meal is that it is something that is far more satisfying or gratifying than what you are currently eating right now.

If your day to day meal intake is filled with foods that feel like a nutritional compromise to you, then you are setting yourself up for long term failure. Too many diets are based off of the concept of deprivation. Don’t eat carbs. Don’t eat fat. Never have sugar. These are all diets that will leave you ultimately frustrated and seeking the very things that you are telling yourself you can never eat. When this happens, the diet fails and you wind up putting back on any weight that was lost by following this type of restrictive eating plan.

I don’t believe that is what is best for long term weight loss and fat loss. To me, if the way you eat is only temporary and incapable of being followed for a lifetime, then it is an unsuccessful eating plan regardless of what type of temporary weight loss you experience with it. I am only interested in long term solutions and these are going to be meal plans that allow you to eat what you like in moderation depending on your specific body or performance goals.

For instance, if you have to be at the front of your brand on youtube like I do and you want to practice what you preach with a 5 percent body fat level then you will want to cater your eating plan to one that never deprives you of what you like but limits the occurrences of things you know are not consistent with that goal. If your standards of leanness can be eased up however then you are free to do this more often without repercussion.

The key however is finding foods that are consistent with your long term goals (even if that is to look absolutely shredded year round) and make them the basis of your plan. You want to be able to enjoy the foods you eat so that you aren’t constantly looking for options that are perceived to be more tasty or satisfying.

In the end, the only thing that matters when it comes to fitness and keeping a low body fat level is consistency. Being consistent with your eating, training and dedication to both will always be the key to looking your best year round and year after year.

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  1. This is so true. When I started eating cleaner, a lot of stuff that I used to like started to look gross. If you enjoy eating clean, soda and cakes and donuts and pizza aren't so appealing anymore.

  2. Sadly this grandpa is on small doses of roids, but anyhow in his age, it is not that annoying than guys taking them in their 20s or 30s which is straight up stupid and harmful in the long run. He is coming back to youth rather than treating his complexes.

  3. I try to eat the best I can but when I go to a friends house I don't have access to the foods I meed, what do you recommend

  4. So now I'm in shape, getting a good definded ab profile going. But…now I've got some minimally loose skin in my lower abdominal area. How do I tightened this skin naturally? BTW I'm 47 & have had 3 kids, 24, 13 and 8.

  5. Now this is something you don't see everyday, it's like if JoeY ate a whole plate of broccoli!

  6. Your best, most concise "nutrition"-video yet! People get so lost in fitness crazes and trends, long term and personal preference is where it's at!

  7. what happen if I am just a 14 years old kid who still do work out but have no idea what to do to improve my self ?

  8. I have my 6 packs and I have a whole cheat DAY not just a single meal once a week. I went from 230-240 pounds down to 170 in 7-8 months, having 2 cheat days a week, normally Saturdays and Sundays. To get my six packs well defined, I reduced the cheat days to once a week, normally Sundays. Yeah, I wouldn't have my 6 packs as defined for 2 days, but after the 2 days of normal healthy eating and workouts I would be right back to my 6 well defined packs.

    Now, I don't compete, so if you compete I understand the no cheat day or meal since you want to be at a very low body fat, but if you don't compete and only want to have visible 6 packs, then maintaining a 8-10% body fat should show your abs if those muscles are well developed. I only train abs twice a week for 15-20 minutes, I do my core exercises weighted. Even when i'm bulking and get myself to over 200 pounds from 170-175 I can still see the shades of my abs a little bit.

  9. No offense, But I completely disagree. wanting to be fit or shredded does not mean to be a robot, if you personnally does not do something does not necessarily mean it is 100% bad. Cheat meal is something you enjoy a lot, you had to sacrifice yourself to avoid, but eat it one day, does not mean it does kill all the other sacrifice you have done. You tallk about other option, there is no other option man, you feel comfortable following strictly this plan. But if someone gives himself a chance to try a cheat meal. What is the matter ? This is only for you

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