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  1. U know what
    I watch ur videos
    I dislike anyone who sends u hate
    I actually enjoy just watching ur videos
    I watch richlux too, but u bring something new to YouTube and anyone who doesn't like u, and disrespects u, is being a hater. N that's all they are, they're not truth telling, or nice. Just pure haters. You're really kind and a good son, don't let the haters ever make it hard, they want to see you fail, because you are yourself, something they can't be, because they have no courage to be anything but a blob of bullshit, and in my view, that's the worst.

  2. I think the reading the directions over and over is the aftermath of the stress/anxiety. All of your symptoms has been me forever. Unless you've had this thing there is no understanding of how someone feels. Probably the scariest feeling ever. People can say to "quit all the drama" its not in your control to quit it. The attack owns you and I Like Charles wish there was an answer.

  3. Having severe PTSD flashbacks to freshmen year living in the dorms trying to sober up at 2 am and making those same microwaveable Mac and cheeses Lol

  4. You know, I’m not a doctor but, a lot of your symptoms and the way you can eat and not gain weight and all this stuff, sounds like you have hyperthyroidism. You should have your thyroid checked and rule that out. It can cause changes to your personality, racing heart, irritability, etc. Look it up.

  5. "Obviously you'd include them if your eating." Well, no duh! I totally planned to just eat without letting them eat, because I enjoy watching their gaunt, starving faces stare back at me while I eat.

  6. It sounds like deperonalisation/derealisation, common effect of coming of benzos. I dont think you ever said, but it seemed like you went to rehab because of Xanax addiction and the treatment is decreasing doses of Valium. When you completely stop taking Valium, depersonalizations and derealisation are common

  7. That was an entire meal of crap. If I ate like this I would be so very sick Please take care of yourself many care about you.

  8. im not joking, the amount of perfume that you spray on yourself and in your room several times a day, could definitely be toxic enough to make you sick or feel weird.

  9. I really don’t like the hate that you are getting, especially fron these defenerate ‘Rich Lux’, but I can kindof see myself turning into a hater. I thought this was going to be an actual nice sit down video where I can get some diet tipsbut it’s just you vlogging again.

  10. It must be sad to watch a video of someone who is so genuine, sweetly endearing, and authentic about who he is and only leave hate. If he's not your cup of tea, that's fine. We all have preferences but just know you are paying his bills. And remember, your youtube favs could never be so effortlessly captivating and authentic.

  11. Honestly-still nothing but carbs and sugar!!!!!!!! Listen to the good people who care about you and GET OFF THAT HORRIBLE DIET!!!!!! Stop hating on the healthy eaters-I assure you they are more stable than you are. Even without the YouTube dramatics I think you are genuinely miserable. You need a Mommy.

  12. All the delicious food that is out there and you want to stick to something so basic as mac n cheese and cupcakes. SMH

  13. Sounds like a panic attack to me. Nothing helps more than someone talking you through it. Left alone your brain will take you deeper and deeper into the panic. I have to take Klonopin every single day because my anxiety is so fucking bad. If I feel sick and or somethings wrong with me and I have a weird symptom I literally will have a panic attack for 2 days straight. Just thinking of the worst case scenario of what’s wrong with me! Then I get better and realize it was all my anxiety. Ugh..the struggle is so real!

  14. Charles, I've only watched a few videos of yours but I think you might find it useful to research clairsentience. I'm getting major empath vibes from you, I am one myself, and before figuring this out about a year ago, I spent my entire life struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. It could shed some light as why you're feeling this way, and always under "attack" or feeling sick for no apparent reason. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Good luck!

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