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What I Ate Today // Book Haul + Trying Out the Instant Pot!

☾☾ Things Mentioned ☽☽

♥︎ miles (healthy crazy cool) pb smoothie

♥︎ glass straws –

♥︎ stevia drops –

♥︎ books purchased
norwegian wood –
the unbearable lightness of being –
the joy luck club –
girl, interrupted –
the confederacy of dunces –
goddesses in everywoman –
myths to live by –
man and his symbols –
the bell jar –

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  1. Hi guyzzz! This is a vlog I recorded a few weeks back that I wasn't originally going to upload bc it was kinda random but I figured why not??? Haha I hope you enjoy nonetheless and feel free to leave any requests for future videos below!

  2. if you decide to try out the fiddleheads (curly vegetables) make sure you boil them first and drain the water before preparing them! they have toxin in them you need to cook out first 🙂

  3. I feel like I want you to get a dog…you could be sharing your awesome life with a pup ! I love your vlogs !!!

  4. I read The Bell Jar and The Bluest Eye in high school, but forgot what they were about. Talk about memory encoding problems -__-;

  5. Oh, one other thing, would you recommend the Instapot? I love cooking in the kitchen, don't mind using the stove, does the Instapot make things easier?

  6. Sarah, you're going to love Norwegian Wood. I purposely took my time and dragged out the read because the idea of finishing it so quickly crushed me, haha. It's so beautiful! Hope you enjoy it.

  7. i love your choices of fiction! if you haven't already checked her out, I'd also recommend Maxine Hong Kingston (_The Woman Warrior_ is soooo good)

  8. The unbearable lightness of being is the only book that's ever made me cry. Norweigan Wood is good but atypical for Murakami so don't stop there. Kafka on the Shore is my fav.

  9. The Bell Jar is one of my favorite books! Definitely needs a second read if you can't quite remember it!! (:

  10. I'd recommend frying all your spices in the oil before adding the veggies as tis will infuse the flavour throughout your curry better. Garam masala should be added at the very end though as it's roasted. 🙂

  11. Fiddleheads are delicious. I haven't had them in years but I recall that they taste like a mild asparagus. We used to pick them near a creek and steam them for supper at my aunts cabin in the summertime. You should try them!

  12. Fiddleheads are delicious! You have to clean them really well before cooking though. They are pretty common here in the northeast at farmers markets and our whole foods, all locally foraged. They are very similar in flavor to asparagus. Sautéed in vegan butter and garlic is definitely the way to go.

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