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What I Ate On WW Freestyle | 0 SP Chinese Restaurant Meal | Feeding the Homeless | Cake Pops Begin!


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  1. I want to try that Grapefruit Pompelini so bad, but there is no Trader Joe's near us.  Do you (or any of your subscribers) know of any other place it can be purchased or if it is a Trader Joe only item?  Sure wish they shipped!

  2. Eddie– LOL. He should dress as a mime and do his interpretive stuff in the background! Jk. Sort of.
    Love the intros and happy mail and of course feeding the homeless! Cake popalooza very cool! And almond cake–yum! Thanks, Juli!

  3. Aw it's so so kind of you to feed homeless. We have many in Scotland too. This was such a sweet video seeing you enjoying your present! You may remember I am just new at working a journal – I am loving it!! I would love another tutorial – maybe one day if you have time? Ooohhh cake pops……stop please!! Lol!!

  4. oh Juli what a wonderful soul you are to do that for the homeless in your area! 110 meals, wow! that's awesome! Do you feel safe when you deliver the stuff? have you ever felt unsafe?
    Eww Eddie, do you feel like eating dog? haha! omgoodness $25 for what you said? :/ (the chinese food) aww you didnt' show your finished product of the cakepops.

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