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Weight Loss Journey| 7 day Smoothie Diet Plan | Final Weigh In Results

Our Weightloss Journey….and the final results of the smoothie diet plan.
**FILMED ON DEC 25th** I was discouraged because we didn’t get our weigh in on camera and it destroyed my idea for the final video but I decided to kill the bullshit and realize we need to just at least put out the talkin points… Thank you everybody. We got a whollllleee a lot of videos and are going to start an upload schedule next week….

We are doing a 7 day smoothie diet, where we drink smoothies, water and tea for 7 days straight and see how much weight we can lose only thing we are allowed to eat is the same fruit we put into our smoothies. Our current weight is below in the description.

These are the results of switching to eating a vegan diet…well plant based diet. Or whatever you want to call it.

Francezell Height: 5ft 10in (177cm)
Starting Weight : 240 lbs
Current Weight : 219.6 lbs

Malcolm Height: 6ft 1in (185cm)
Starting Weight : 435 lbs
Current Weight : 412.2 lbs

Anyways….Welcome to the channel, this is now a channel where we will both be showing our progress as a couple. Stay Woke and Get healthy.

☥ Take a journey with us. ☥

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We call the channel Death of a Lifestyle because the idea is STILL to KILL our old selves and bring about the biggest change in our lives.

Losing weight to be healthy.

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  1. Keep up the good work don’t stop the grind and keep pushing yourself. I subbed, maybe you could show some support back.

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