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Vegetable Soup Done in 6 Minutes In a Pressure Cooker

Homemade vegetable soup cooked in 6 minutes and ready to eat. I use my pressure cooker to quickly make a delicious and hearty vegetable soup. Fast and easy to do and you can make enough to freeze some for later. Lot of soup for very little time and effort invested.

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  1. I always put in two chicken bullion cubes and just enough water to cover the veggies. Your pressure cooker probably has a max fill level so keep that in mind.

  2. Cool man. If you remove the potatoes from this you basically have what is called a "court bouillon" (vegetable stock) in cooking terms. It is generally used as a base to flavor soups and sauces. But hey, if you like eating it just like that, then power to ya! Liked your videos Dude! Keep rocking!

  3. Thanks for watching and thanks for the feedback! This soup is one of our meal staples here at Cricket's Castle. Always tasty.

  4. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for watching. We just made a batch a couple of weeks ago. It was good as always. The second day it's even better because the flavors all blend together a bit more.

  5. I'm just worried about how people will look at you now when buying a pressure cooker…

  6. I wouldn't worry about that. A retailert wouldn't sell an item if they thought it a bad idea. Statistically people use pressure cookers in the kitchen far more than they make bombs out of them. Besides that the only time it matters what people think is when they act on what they think.

  7. It really is a tasty soup. I've been adding a little extra butter recently and that makes it extra yummy. Naughty but yummy. LOL!

  8. This is so similar to how I make my vegetable soup, except I put chicken and mushroom in, and use basil instead of rosemary, and put a bit of vegeta stock in as well. Think I might try it your way next time!

  9. I made a batch of this soup tonight. I added some shredded chicken that was pre cooked. It turned out really good. It's real hard for it to go wrong. I have enough left from this batch for 2 more meals.

  10. I have a knife just like that one, it's my favorite one even though I have some that were 10x the cost. Can't wait to use my new pressure cooker, thanks for the video!

  11. Glad to see a pressure cooker used! I've had mine for 40+ years. They never wear out, just have to oil the gasket from time to time. Thanks for showing it to newbies.

  12. Thanks for the feedback! A lot of people these days don't have the time to cook or don't commit the time to cook or just don't feel that they can cook.. A pressure cooker is easy and fast and makes food that has a real home cooked meal taste. Old school, but perfect for today's world. 😉

  13. If I wanted to add some noodles could I do it at the beginning of the six minutes, would they be cooked(I'm new to pressure cooking)?

  14. Try adding a few chicken thighs. Pressure 24 minutes to cook the chicken. Take chicken out to shred. Mash some veggies then replace chicken back in pot. Add can beans and sauté a 5 minutes.
    Great video

  15. Loved the video, But surly a vegetable soup requires a vegetable cube not a chicken cube,it aint vegetable soup once you put chicken anything in it.

  16. Suggestions:
    1. Make another video showing how to clean and cut veggies – 2 minutes out of a 5 minute video showing veggie handling is a bit much.
    2. Add ingredient list and "bullet points" procedure to video description – makes it easy to copy and paste the recipe.
    3. Mention size of your pressure cooker so viewers can adapt ingredient quantities to their own pressure cooker size. Important point as pressure cookers cannot be overfilled past the product's fill line.

    Your Manttra is a 100 & 101 Series made by Prestige(India) rated for 15 PSI.
    Manual for this cooker can be found here:

    Cooking time is a function of PSI. Pressure cookers come in 8, 11 and 15 PSI and crappy brands are anywhere in between those numbers and seldom reach 15 PSI.
    If you don't know your pressure cooker's PSI, you don't know how long to cook anything.

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