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Hey guys! In today’s video, I will be sharing with you how I make my weight gain shakes! These shakes have a ton of calories and help with my struggle to gain weight. I drink these shakes 2-3 times a day and I work out every morning so the fat can distrube into the right places (my booty!) lol. I hope you enjoy today’s video and share it with your friends! Thumbs up and subscribe! Comment “BOOTY!” in the comment section if you are reading this!!

Whey Protein-
Boost Plus-
Tornado Shaker Cup-

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  1. 2-3 times a day???? girl thats not healthy the powder proteins dont always break down in digestion you have to be really active to intake so much protein at one time

  2. I used that same protein powder until like 2 weeks ago. I threw it away because it gave me sooo much gas! Ain't nobody tryna be pooting all day lol

  3. I know a few girls who took whey protein and they gained weight and got a bigger butt, once their weight started fluctuating over a year their butt started to deflate and became smaller and less round than it was before >.<

  4. Maryam Hampton you are beautiful just the way you are. Be yourself don’t change your body to appeal to anyone. Accept the natural body that God gave you. Just like your accept and love your natural hair. God didn’t make everyone to be thick. You don’t need to gain any weight. The right people will like you regardless of your slim figure. Skinny is beautiful too. Look at Aaliyah, Naomi Campbell, Kerry washington, etc. if your natural weight is 110 or 115 1bs there is nothing wrong with that. I am 35 years old and I weigh 115 at five foot 7 and I have weighed 115 ever since I was a teenager. I embrace it and accept it. Accept your body just like your accept your natural hair. Also if some dude told you to gain weight then he is the wrong person for you. Nowadays too many women think that they have to have s big butt in order to be sexy. It’s better for women to just be themselves. You get more respect for being your natural self slim shape and all than you will trying to change yourself to fit into what society thinks a black woman’s body is supposed to look like. You represent for the skinny girls and you look great being very small. You don’t need to look like these other women out here. I watch your hair videos and I like them all. Whoever wants you to change your physical appearance is a hater. You are beautiful the way God crested you. Skinny butt and all.

  5. I always think it's better to put on muscle, and if your a slim black girl there are sooooooo many men that would love you outside the U.S. this country is the exception not the rule.

  6. Oh I didn’t know you were under 100 pounds. In that case you’re doing the right thing by gaining weight until you get 115 pounds. 100 pounds or less is not a healthy weight unless your under 5 feet. It’s good that you want to be healthy.

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