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Travel Yoga – Revitalizing Flow

Join Adriene for a sweet and swift Revitalizing Yoga Flow. Stretch your body and connect to your breath. Relieve stress in the shoulders and open your heart in this travel yoga sequence shot on location in Sayulita, Mexico! Seek out the horse and the donkey in the background too! Repeat this sequence to explore new strength and flexibility. Enjoy, stay mindful and Find What Feels Good.

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  1. I've been incorporating a lot of strength routines in my workouts and my body has been feeling just tired the last few days. I'm trying to take a chill out but I'm having trouble resting ("I have to be strong NOW!!! SUMMER IS COMING!!! I'M OUT OF SHAPE!!"). This routine was really perfect. Short, energizing, not too difficult and good for focus.

  2. Getting plugged in to Love YoSelf and selected this short practice because I'll be on the road traveling for work today. I also had a simple dental procedure that went, shall we say, awry yesterday, and my jaw is sore. It's trying to cramp my style, so I needed revitalization today to energize and attack my day. Namaste!

  3. Managed to catch up on day 15 with the one I missed, because I can enjoy the bedtime yoga tonight! Short and sweet was good as lots to get on with the morning. Thank you Adriene x

  4. definitely one of my favourite practices. I do it everyday before I go to work. I really like the whole series of travel yoga. they are somehow very refreshing;)

  5. Loved this quick stretch! And then the commercial after was for Rabbit Air, which we own and just got replacement filters for (which I wondered how you earned money for sharing Yoga practice with us for – right before the commercial came on – ha ha).

  6. I know this is an older one, but tomorrow I leave for a Costa Rican yoga retreat and this popped up in my feed. Sayulita is one of my favorite places ever! Great little work out and got me revved up for Costa Rica!

  7. Adriene crew – any chance you can do a new version of the relaxed morning one? It has an old Adriene rather than new Adriene feel at the moment! Xx

  8. Needed a short Yoga moment this am. THANK YOU always for sharing your passion and gift of yoga with us all. Sending much peace and love to all, N

  9. Had to skip to this one today and save today's June flow for tomorrow… If that makes any sense?! I'm always pleasantly surprised at how quick this one is but how it gets my whole body moving and feeling alive!

  10. Gaynor Starprincess 🙂 <3 I really got into this flow i love it soo much! I think again i only did one side of my body, im deffinitely going to do this again start 🙂 <3 Namaste <3

  11. I was able to do a somewhat proper yogi squat today! I notice my body loosening up more and more with these practices. I'll be returning to this practice when I take a trip later this summer.

  12. Oops ie, came back to this one again! Two days in a row and the difference is insane! Maybe because I knew the flow so didn't have to think so much? Love this one a lot! Going to work this into my daily practice ♥

  13. I felt a good revitalizing for this pratice and i liked very much the location where this was shooted. Very nice! I enjoyed this travel edition because during the pratice my connection with there was full. Easy, simple to do and very positive.

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