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Tips for Healthy Baby & Toddler food (Tamil commentary)

Simple healthy tips on how to introduce solid food to babies and toddlers.

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  1. 5 days back I subscribed Ur full day I watched ur Ur slang assault ah pesureenga.r u from Tirunelveli? Also I saw ur juices vedios bought some fruits..made muskmelon juice..then lunchbox ideas was very nice bought a new box for my husband.. plz upload toddler food ideas sathiyama saapda vaika mudila..thanks ungal sevai engaluku thevai …

  2. Thank you mam..this video will useful for me after 6 month …now I'm counting days for my second baby…days are near for my delivery date…

  3. Very usefull video , I love this your Tamil language ….!!! Ithu pola innum usefull tips video upload pannunga man.

  4. Hi sis… I'm having 4 month baby… Sure it is a very useful video for me to start solids for her after 2 months… Thank u so much

  5. Thanks for info. Please upload more tips. I want variety Rasem receipe .u.s.a la sema cold. Intha time la upload panninga romba useful la irukkum. I like ur neat presentation food. Keep it up.

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