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THIS is How to Dress Well if You Don’t Have Much MONEY

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  1. I agree with everything except the knock off athletic shoes. You need a shoe that can perform on many surfaces and is durable. Knock offs will get people hurt.

  2. I think it is fine to wear knock-offs every once in a while but typically the quality is not the best. I like using aliexpress for swimsuits since it saves money. It depends on the person and may not always be the case but one psych article I read mentioned that "wearing counterfeit glasses not only fails to bolster our ego and self-image the way we hope, it actually undermines our internal sense of authenticity." Interesting topic to explore!

  3. Fake item are for fake people IMO. Honestly, if you can't afford something, why buy a knock off? To proof something to someone? There's a lot of cheap good looking clothes. I always cringe when I see someone with fake Gucci or something lol cmon now.

  4. The staples that you shared earlier, I'm now in the hunt for them for my new size. The aviators I already have, but I've been struggling looking for some leather shoes that I can wear in the office, so any suggestions are welcomed.

  5. / app is probably the best for cheap, stylish fashion, especially if you're thin. That being said, only buy things with reviewer-submitted pictures or you'll get ripped off real fast.

  6. Awesome video, and thank you for the tips. Menlo looks awesome, but I love shopping actually so I may mix and match.

  7. But what a shame menlo doesnt ship worldwide. I want it so much and im from Norway…. but is it another option that is shipping worldwide? Please i need it!

  8. Don't disrespect the godsent keemstar by using his tried and true intro for a mere "video sponsor", Brett. This is your one warning for dissing the gnome.

  9. In other words, a promo video for your affiliate link / sponsor. Lame af. What do you think, people would be too dumb to realize ? Clickbait at its worst.

  10. You definitely, aren't having an great day so far… You look very tired and sad… Take a rest day
    From your videos when you don't wanna do them.

  11. I'd say don't be too brand conscious in the first place. Go for stuff that you like and which resonates with your essence, rather than buying knock off or following trends.

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