Health and Fitness Diet by
FItness Food

The WHOLEsome Package is fast food for healthy people. This food will change your life.

The WHOLEsome Package presents at 1 Million Cups South Bend 11/8/17 Event #9.

The WHOLEsome Package does custom meal prep for people who want better tasting food along with nutition.

This meal prep company provides healthy, fresh and delicious meals that are fully prepped and ready to eat.

The WHOLEsome Package only uses whole food ingredients. Instead of using cheap nutritionally lacking bland food packed with sugars, sodium and fat, they use only the highest quality food. Eating The WHOLEsome Package way means you get to both stay healthy, and eating delicious food.

Join us for the 1 Million Cup South Bend Elkhart FREE weekly entrepreneurship event! We meet every Wednesday at 8AM (coffee starts flowing at 7:30AM) at 101Co3 – at the corner of Mishawaka Ave and Main Street Mishawaka.

Every week we have:
– 2 local entrepreneurs talking about their business
– Q&A from the audience about the business
– General Discussion about and with the entrepreneurship community about the struggles, issues and successes we are all having
– Plus, a FREE cup of Bendix Coffee!

Are you a STARTUP or know a startup? Then we’d love to talk to you about being a PRESENTER at 1 Million Cups South Bend Elkhart. It’s easy! Simply
1) Come to a 1MCsbe event on any given Wednesday from 8AM-9AM to check it out.
2) Then go to either
or to the website to get more details.

Download the 1 Million Cups iOS or Android app, find out more about 1MCsbe at and sign up to present YOUR company at a future meeting!

Thank you to all of our sponsors who help us put on this event each week:
Afdent/Dr Roger Pecina,
Bendix Coffee,
IUSB, and
Social Buzz Me/

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1 Million Cups (1MC) is a simple way to engage entrepreneurs in communities around the world. Each week, the 1MC program offers two local entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their startups to a diverse audience of mentors, advisors, and entrepreneurs. Presenters prepare a 6 minute educational presentation and engage in 20 minutes of feedback and questioning after they present. Entrepreneurs gain insight into possible ways they can improve their businesses, gather realtime feedback, connect with a community that truly cares about their progress, and walk away feeling like they have advanced their business. The audience also learns a great deal from the presentations. Whether this is through passively listening or deeply engaging with the entrepreneurs, there is much to learn every week from these dynamic and diverse communities.

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cooked to perfection by our chefs, and delivered conveniently to you. Coming from a fitness background, our founders know the struggles of starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are not dieticians, but we work with personal trainers to ensure that our healthy dishes can help you get to your fitness goals. We are dedicated to making all of our meals with the freshest, most nutritious ingredients.


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