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The Truth About Weighing Yourself [IT’S WRONG UNLESS YOU DO THIS]

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing the truth about weighing yourself and why it’s wrong unless you do it this specific way.
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If you’re following a good workout program designed for your goals and your fitness level, you’re following a nutrition plan, you’re getting proper rest, guess what?

Your weight on the scale may not go down. Why? Because you’re adding lean muscle mass. Muscle takes up less volume even though it weighs the same as fat. This is why it’s possible to get leaner without a weighing less on the scale. This is a good thing!

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Even though the number you see on your weight scale does NOT give you the full and complete picture of your health, people have become obsessed with it.

I’m not saying it’s completely pointless, but when it’s the only data point that you focus on, it can often lead you down the wrong path.

Have you ever heard of “skinny fat people”?

According to the weight scale, it would show they didn’t weigh a lot, so they must be healthy, right?


Take a closer look at the typically skinny fat person. They have tooth picks for arms. Twigs for legs. They aren’t strong enough to lift a carry on suitcase in the overhead bin on plane. They can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. And worst of all, they still have a round pudgy belly full of heart destroying visceral fat.

Some of the most unhealthy people I know are “skinny” and weigh next to nothing. If you’re concluding if a workout program worked for you or not, based on the weight on the scale, you’ve been misled.

Most people look at a runway model and think she is in perfect health because she weighs 100 pounds. Does this mean an athletic soccer player who is the same height but weighs 130 pounds is less healthy?

I would bet my life if you compared the two in a health assessment, the 130 pound female soccer player would far exceed the 100 pound runway model in all health categories.

The reason is, you can often weight less by having more body fat and less lean muscle tissue. More body fat and less muscle tissue is NOT a good thing.

Body fat puts you more at risk for heart disease, cancer, and a whole lot of other health problems. Lean muscle tissue improves your metabolism, burns more calories, keeps you looking younger, makes your stronger, and allows you crush life.

Focus on improving the composition of the weight on your body by decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

By knowing your body fat %, you can then tell what proportion of your bodyweight is made up of lean muscle tissue compared to stored body fat.

This is when using a weight scale can help because it can give you a measure of your total composition of your bodyweight into body fat and lean muscle tissue.

You can also use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your waist, your thighs, and your arms.

Also look in the mirror to see how your body is changing and see how your clothes are fitting.

Measure how much stronger you’re getting in the gym before and after you finish your workout program.

The point is, do yourself a favor and stop obsessing about the number on the weight scale.


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  1. you are right brad. my first 6 months on keto i lost 35lb. then started exercising and have not lost a single pound in 4 months, but my waist has got smaller, and i now have muscles on my arms and chest . my clothes also fit better. i gone down 2 clothes sizes

  2. This body fat measure thing, the % isnt really correct, but will i see the progress i make on it? I hope you know what i mean ^^

  3. Thanks, I needed to hear this today. I noticed my weight has plateaued but my waist has decreased and I have more definition in my arms.

  4. haha "…and allows you to crush life!" that was a great line! Great video, thanks for the efforts!!

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