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The Importance of Exercise For CKD Patients


The Importance of Exercise For CKD Patients

I want to talk about the importance of exercise for people with chronic kidney disease and I think it’s really important to understand that there are some simple things that you can do that can increase the amount of exercise you have and you do in your life and then over time you can build up to a little more.
When you’re diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, usually you have a few other issues going on. May have some heart problems, you may have diabetes, you may have high blood pressure so any of those things means that you need to talk to your doctor first before you begin any sort of exercise program. So, don’t take this podcast or live as a license to go exercise without talking to your doctor.
Now, if your doctor has told you to start exercising then that start definitely something that you should do. If you aren’t active, make sure you talk to your doctor.

I also attach to the article that I’ve put in the link in this the That’s the website, that’s the link you want to go to and if you’re on the live or you’re on the YouTube video it should be in the description and you can click on that go there and I have this the five low-impact exercises for chronic kidney disease and I’m going to go through this article but I want you to know you can go get this article and download it from that website.
I want to just talk about exercise first in general because it’s a really important concept and you might not think that it makes that much difference or maybe you think it makes a lot of difference but you just can’t do it. But the thing is you can, as long as your doctor says it’s okay it’s going to benefit you in a lot of ways. One of the main things that I’ve found that it does is it reduces your fatigue.

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