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The Best Master List for Indian Meal Planning | Daily Cooking Recipes | Home Hahstag Life

This video is all about Indian meal planning master list where I have shared countless recipes or menu with vegetable names. You will get tips and ideas to do a weekly mean planning list. This way Indian meal plan for week will be easier for you. Also you will get a free printable meal plan master list in this video. For Indian daily cooking we need variety to get rid of monotonous recipes, by using this recipe list you will get plenty of ideas to make Indian homemade food planning list. I hope this this Indian meal planning list will be helpful and ease out your kitchen time.


Click on the link to download or take printout of Meal Plan Master List-


Meal Plan Video- Part 1-

Meal Plan video- Part 2-


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  1. Appreciate your efforts of you in this meticulous job of putting in all the veggies for meal planning. Thank you. Wonderful job Jaya.

  2. Hi jaya didi, v r u not doing videos, a real inspirer for all ladies,Happy Women's Day , come back n do motivate us, VN ever u get time pls do watch Tippy tips n rectify our mistakes, keep in touch , pls love u

  3. Plz post videos on children education especially on maintaining time improving knowledge maintining study habit etc

  4. Pls suggest me a good oil dispenser bottle. Oil dispensing should be less when making dosa. Pls suggest me such kind of dispenser.

  5. Hi, I really appreciate your efforts for making and also sharing this list. I also tried to make one but somehow I could not find / do much variation in making of curries using same vegetables. I guess yours will be more innovative. Looking forward for some more such videos on planning and organising , as I really get motivated and inspired.

  6. Wow!! very nice this made my meal cooking so easy. Thank you dear for ur time and effort.i have a five year old kid.i get confused with cooking after school received or healthy snack receipe for him if u can make a video for kid's snacking or meals i would be happy.

  7. Hello Jaya hi. It has been a long time since you posted any video. Hope you are alright. Missing you a lot

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