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Strawberry Smoothies That Make Women Fall for You



Sometimes less is more! These delicious smoothies only have 4 to 5 ingredients and are thick, smooth and bursting with fruity flavour!

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  1. Hope you'll update us about this relationship in the next video!
    PS I albo hope that Tesco in my country will finally expand it's vegan section. Something more than non-diary milk would give me vegan chills.

  2. I have a problem with the added sugar to your recipes. What's the point in a healthy breakfast smoothie if you just add processed sugar? Especially with the bananas one… Bananas are so sweet naturally if you freeze them after they've gone well ripe.

  3. LOL omg, you're too funny/clever. I love how you make your videos so fun, not just a generic recipe video. You really make it your own unique hilarious thing 🙂 Keep it up!

  4. Iwant more remarks like fresh-frozen fruts! That makes me feel less alone and makes me feel like I feel like you feel

  5. Made this for dinner tonight and it was the best smoothie I've ever made, I normally bog mine down with too many ingredients so this was a refreshing change – thanks for posting!

  6. "You can blend my strawberries if you like!" Pausing with disgust, "uh, ok." LOLl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo, funny!!!!!!!! Great video!!!!!!

  7. Made this smoothie yesterday, shit is yummy af! Never thought of putting vegan yogurt in it but it's a game changer

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