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Welcome back to the shred club. This season I will be dieting and training for the biggest and most competitive amateur bodybuilding show in the nation. The USA national show is a prestigious show ran by the guys over at MUSCLE CONTEST. Join me on the journey

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  1. Great video brother, you have come a long way since we last talked. Looking like a beast. Stay strong and up front.

  2. WOW you look fantastic Damien! I love BCAA'S and I have only ever used scivation Xtend, works for me. Great back workout.

  3. Hey dp i have a question. Im looking forward to do a push pull legs split with a rest between 3days of workout. My plan is since i will train every muscle part twice a week for example chest, can i do only pressing movement and the next push day im going to do only flyes movement and im gonna alternate the press and fly movement every push day. Is that okay or should i incorporate the two movement in one day? And stick to the same movement every push day? And can i do that to other body parts like lats? Seperate the row and pull movement? Btw im not competing and have a 2 years of experience. Thank you in advance!

  4. Hey DP- loved the back view during lats pull down.. great work and equally great results… I am using Scivation Xtend BCAA.. are they good enough? Pls suggest.

  5. Brother DP I ve a question that might help a lot of people. I don't feel my back while working out. I ve tried everything like heavier weights, less weights, drop sets, volume etc. Every back workout I feel so fucked up cause I don't feel it. I also pull with elbows. When i feel like im putting alot of stress on my biceps i drop the weight so i cn pull with elbows.I'm never sore or not that much like when I train chest or legs. Hope u can answer this question it would help me and others as well.
    (Srry for my english)

  6. Hows ur head ache thingy is it completely gone ? And also please give some solutions about how to avaoid shoulder injuries and how to treat one . I am currently having this weird pain in front left shoulder . Any tips ?

  7. Started my cut Monday too! Lower carbs, calories and higher low weight reps. Pull ups and pushups and hitting the treadmill for 10 min pre and 15 minutes post and sauna. I'm following along, 237.5 Monday, yesterday 231 (water likely, looking less bloated).. BEST TO YA!!

  8. Yo dp good luck on ur cut bra serious dedication. How much strength do u loose percentage wise if u drop 30 lbs?

  9. Hey Damien, I’m 14 and I’ve been training since October and haven’t seen any progress. I’ve been drying to drop body fat(I’m around 15-20%) and build some muscle by following your workouts but i don’t see results? Is there anything I should be doing differently? Thank you and I love the videos keep up the great work.

  10. I love this, I wish I could've watched before I hit the gym earlier today , I was doing back, good stuff DP

  11. That L-cystine (human hair) is also found in pies and cakes in the bakery section of your grocery store…yuck

  12. Hey bro, the rack pulls, I want to incorporate those into my workout…seems like a mid range RDL

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