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Q + A with Katie Austin | Fitness, food, boys, life

HII y’all!!
I asked my insta @katieaustin two days ago to ask me some questions so I can answer them in this vid!!! I answer Q’s about food, fitness, boys, and anythinggggg!!
Let me know what other kinds of videos you want to catch on my channel! LOVE YAAAA


Communicator. Hipster-friendly travel trailblazer. Extreme introvert. Beer ninja. Professional entrepreneur. Coffee junkie. Analyst. Web maven.


  1. Totally relate to the breakup! My ex of 3 1/2 years left me for a new girl and still denies it. Gotta kill em with kindness though!

  2. Great videos, and it's great to watch your videos again, Katie. However, you need to learn not to speak so fast in a rapid-fire manner. If you are seeking to (further) improve your public oratory skills, actually learn how to genuinely calm down a little bit and pace your rate-of-speech. You are a lovely young girl, but in doing this will attract a broader audience & it'll make you sound a bit more mature, if you pace yourself in your public-speaking. As a young man, six (6) years older than you, I found this to be irrefutably true. You were understandably rationalizing – perhaps overcompensating a bit in this video – in getting over it, & it still does somewhat show through. That breakup implicitly explains your relatively-extended absence; look within, give it 'real-time', and you will find your: "Mr. Right". Be wholesomely loving, and open to your Next Boy/Man. Your health-&-fitness videos are really great, and continue searching for the "Boy" or rather for the "Man-of-your-Dreams".

  3. Hi katie, m doing yoga frm ur moms power yoga video frm 2 month, i noticed fat loss but my body is not toned so, how long it takes to tighten muscle?

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