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Pineapple makha for kids | Healthy fruit pineapple for village kids

Pineapple makha for kids | Healthy fruit pineapple for village kids

Pineapple is a healthy fruits. Grandmother will show today a different recipe pineapple makha for village kids. It’s a very tasty and healthy fruit.

Pineapple makha
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  1. Another great video and healthy recipe,this is one of my favourite fruit,….look at those pineapples,it is big and fully rippen,must be sweet and juicy…masyaAllah…i love pineapples…thanks for share…

  2. love this channel….it will preserve some of the best recipes, and what it was like living close to nature (as it used to be), even though societies are changing so quickly…..where cities have taken over and so has packaged sub standard foods 🙁

  3. Hello boss wao fantastic no words to describe your channel proud of you and your mother your family very different delicious best rocking performance Allah bless you keep it up boss love all pakistan

  4. Khub sundor hoise begining ta. title songta akdom maniye gese. Mone hoyna YouTube video. Tv program er moto hoyeche.good job.

  5. I still like the one yesterday when the girl ate moorie with the total…Lal jama pora chilo…pichi …

  6. Instead of putting salt and hot chili why not put sugar instead to bring out the sweetness of the pineapple. I think the kids would enjoy it better. It was to spicy for the first little girl. Kids love to eat sweet fruits.

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