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  1. Very beautifully done! I would love to see another meal prep video soon, they are my favorite! Thanks for making time to upload. ❣️

  2. Hey Rachel, I was following you since you started following the ketogenic diet and was wondering… since you have lost all the fat and it is no longer beneficial for your training to stay on keto, have you been getting worsen PCOS symptoms and gaining weight? Your body learned to use energy off fat and now you are switching into carb burner rather than a fat burner. Could you please make a video to address it more in depth your experience and symptoms. Lots of love from UK <3

  3. rachel! can you please make a video on low vs high glycemic index foods. Im trying to go back to a pescatarian diet from being keto but I've become afraid of carbs and sugar. I believe a low glycemic diet would be a good medium. thank you! I love your videos 🙂

  4. I have a very basic question:
    Is pre-workout meal important as I always thought I would be burning my fats in the workout so if i eat prior a workout then how will my fat get mobilized ?

  5. Thank you! I'm sort of scared to lose weight. It is so stupid, but I'm 25 and 174 cm high + 71 kg weight. I want to be no more than 60 kg. 55 – perfection. But I also have big breasts (like D cup). I wish they get smaller. But I'm also afraid to get saggy chest. I believe this fear is stopping me from losing weight. ((
    Other than that I eat reasonably and I walk a lot. Lost almost 6 kg but I have long way to go(

  6. I have CAIS which stands for complete (androgen insensitivity syndrome)
    It means that i have an XY chromosome, but everything else about me is female. I don't have ovaries or a uterus, but i have androgen's inside my abdomen that give off high amounts of testosterone, but since i'm a female i cant utilize it. I also have almost nonexistent amounts of estrogen and progesterone because of this. its hard for me to gain muscle, but i have no problem gaining fat. its really affecting my goals and some days i really feel like i'm never going to get to where i want to be. Would you recommend a ketogenic or even paleo/whole 30 style diet?

  7. Hi Rachel! Do the nutrition facts for each recipe account for the oats plus the extra ingredients (banana, honey, etc)?

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