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Our First Park Run (Vlog) | Just Little Me

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What can I say about this vlog….I was not feeling myself at all. That’s real life though isn’t it. Sometimes losing your sparkle and needing some time to work out why. Hope you guys are good




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Q Where do you live?
A England, UK

Q Do you work?
A Yes I work full time as a video editor and also sell from my online shop here

Q Who’s in your family?
A I am married to Steve, who is also my best friend. We have a gorgeous little 3 year old. These two are my world.

Q Have you had IVF before?
A Yes, heres our IVF video diaries

Q Where is your music from?
My outtro music is from
Other music is usually from

Q Is this video sponsored?
A No. Occasionally links will be amazon affiliate links. I’m not really an ad kinda gal


Communicator. Hipster-friendly travel trailblazer. Extreme introvert. Beer ninja. Professional entrepreneur. Coffee junkie. Analyst. Web maven.


  1. you little note around 6.35 made me smile! Josh, my favourite food is a really good burger & chips. And chocolate too! lovely vlog. x

  2. Best vlogg ever. Speaking of meditations I downloaded the free one you recommended and I love it so thank you.

    My favourite food is cake Josh!!

  3. You really are one of the loveliest mums on this planet my darling. Gorgeous vlog with your beautiful son. Xx

  4. Loving seeing more vlogs from your lovely little family, josh fantastic question mine is freshly baked bread and butter x

  5. Hi josh, you are such a big boy now & im sure mummy & daddy are so happy you like football, my favourite food is cheese salad , have a good week x

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