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Many of you have asked “what I eat in a day” and “diet”.
Let’s talk about instead of what food I usually avoid, of course you can indulge into something naughty every now and then but i never eat the same thing twice.
It’s so difficult to write down or explain what my diet is. It varies so much that I don’t really keep track of it.
I never had a problem with food or watched my figure  because I’m a ballerina. I’m lucky on that point of view, although there has been a point on my life where I had been affected of others bad habits. After almost fainting in a rehearsals i very soon realised I had to change the way I got my food intake.
I love good food, I love the feeling of eating something made with passion, as an Italian I enjoy preparing my own meals, taking time to choose the right ingredients and one by one adding them to the pan. What comes out is always a great satisfaction.
I’ve learned to choose ingredients for the place I live, organic and especially from local farms and IN SEASON. Never eat berries in winter!
I know many of you don’t have the time to “waste” in the kitchen (unless it’s to exercises with some of my videos 🙂 but you can always prepare an extra portion to take at work with you the next day. This way you will firstly know what you put in your body and secondly it will save you a lot of money.
I’m guilty too to eat out and not making those extra portions sometimes, but there are alternatives you can choose very easily.

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  1. Loved it!! I missed my last scheduling with my nutricionist and ended up that a fill questions that i had are now answered!
    I never thought about eating only food/fruits that are in season, normally I run after my favourite fruits independet of the time of the year and, yes, It's not the same flavour or quality and I didn't know why before!
    Thanks you a lot!!

  2. actually modern scientific studies show that the only sort of carb that is unhealthy in abundance is processed sugar things like white flour aren't that unhealthy and the worst things for our body are too many animal fats and hardend plant oils
    actually coconut oil is not that healthy there never was scientific evidence to prove that it's just that people hyped it as "superfood"…
    haha the food looks very tasty btw

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