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No More Plateaus – Keep Making Gains forever [PERIODIZATION]

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This channel is dedicated to the youth of our country. I will try to help you out with weight training, nutrition and supplementation. We will post 3 videos every week.

What supplement should I use? What diet should I follow for fat loss? What workouts should I do to build muscle. I will help you with everything.

Weight training, nutrition, supplementation, fitness motivation, health, education, healthy recipes, how to tutorials and life. You will find all these on my channel.

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  1. Synthetic multivitamin vs natural multivitamin product pe video banao sir…..
    Long term mai synthetic multivitamin is not good na?…
    Plz make video on this…
    If you agree do reply on my comment

  2. Most gym bros are novice lifters. You must atleast bench 100kgs squat 140kgs and deadlift around 160-180kgs before you will need any periodization. Run a properly written novice programme.

  3. This is the video that finally could make me understand what basically periodization is. Thanks.

  4. I came back to your channel after so long probably years. Good to see you doing good bro. Still remember indian teen bodybuilding phase

  5. Someone in the Indian fitness industry whom I can look upto ! The foreigners who run the fitness YouTube channels like Elliot Hulse, Alpha destiny are far ahead of us. We need to catch up the pace asap !

  6. hi bro can u please make video on reviving metabolism..i am stuck on my weight..i dont think i can reduce further calories(currently on weight=80kg..height=185cm..age=23)..dont know what to will be very helpful,,if u make a video

  7. Brotherr cant understand…. Bro…. Please make it in simple and explaining way. Already some of us are not good at english. Even now we are trying to understand. Please please please bro. Try to understand ….

  8. We can hit 100 likes to your videos through 100 emails of same person . Keep it up the good work brah.

  9. How to apply periodization, like do we apply it on a single exercise for eg bench press , or all the exercise done on chest+tricep day

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