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NEW EDITED April Smoothie Challenge

Welcome back KPgang!!
This April I’m Challenging you all to get your skin clearer & healthier with a smoothie challenge.
Share your recipes & tips with me on Instagram @kersti.pitre with the hashtag #KPsmoothie

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  1. Breakfast is so easy to meal prep! Pancakes, Waffles, burritos, they freeze so well. I watched my grandma do this when I was a child ❤️

  2. Thank you! I’m going to do this ASAP! I love going to Costco and Sams for my fruit because you get a whole lot for a good price. And Publix and Whole Foods have quality produce especially when it’s on sale if you have one in your local area!

  3. I eat smoothies all the time. I luvm. I do not brkfst prep. I want that part uv the meal first-hand n FRESH. I do lunch prep tho. I always cook one-pot soups n eat on that for about 3 days. Iglad 2 c ur foods r organic. 98% uv my food is Organic+ NONgmo. If my food isn't organic it's definitely NONgmo.

  4. U shud try frozen acai Berry n the frozen pink dragon fruit. The Dragon fruit is Mir so for color cuz it's really tasteless but I do eat on it byitsef too like a popsicle

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