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My Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes !! | How I Lost Weight

TOP 3 Weight loss smoothies ! healthy breakfast ideas! how i lost weight!
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  1. HELLO LOVES! I have been loving smoothies lately so I thought I would share some of my FAVS! if you make any make sure you tag me on instagram: @nicolettaxoyt 😉 and if you want more SMOOTHIE recipes thumbs the video up 😉 xo!

  2. I wish I liked smoothies but I just… hate fruit. Is there anything I'd like that isn't super full of fruit but still healthy? I do love oats and granola tho.

  3. omg so excited to try these!!

    Nicoletta, you are such an inspiration and i love you so much! You are so pretty and I am in love with your videos! Keep it up!! oh, and i would love a part 2!! love you!! xoxo

  4. I am new here and i learnt that nicoletta is greek and i am greek too. Ελα πατριοτη!! ( you will understand if you are greek)

  5. They look good, but I don’t like smoothies I like the fruits in most of them but idk why the texture makes me feel sick

  6. What where the seeds you used in the coffee smoothie? Can you use flex seeds or chia seeds instead? They look so good i cant wait to try them.

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