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My Diet & Fitness Routine for FAST Weight Loss

Here is my current diet and workout routine for those who asked. So far I’ve lost 8 lbs. in 3 weeks. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight and/or get in shape.

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  1. I'm on my final week of t25 and it is absolutely phenomenal……Eating as clean as possible will definitely yield awe inspiring results

  2. Please do an update on T25. I am really interested because I don't have time to work out for hours in the gym so it would be perfect for me

  3. So glad you made this video!!! I'm ordering right now I've was skeptical at first but you've made me a believer!!!! Thanks and yes i would love updates!

  4. Awesome.  So happy for you.  You look great.  I have been back and forth on whether or not to get T25 or not and I am so glad I watched this because now I am 100% sold on buying it.  Thank you

  5. Hey! I am interested in losing about 5-7 pounds but don't want to spend all the money on the T25 kit.  Could you maybe make a video showing some of the exercises?  Thanks!

  6. omg you have been trying to lose weight for a while lol keep it up but I do think you are at a healthy and great weight already ,what exactlty is your goal weight or body size

  7. What would  be your suggestions for me:  I am not trying to lose weight necessarily, however, I have a little belly from recently having a baby (8 mo. ago), so I am trying to lose that and tone.  I have watched your videos, so would you suggest that I may follow somewhat of the same routine on what you eat, shakes, etc…?

  8. love your video and you look great!! i watch your herbal life thingy.. i guess thingy work for different people and yadda yadda. I have there shakes and just use milk for a meal. helps me stay full. but i don't use it every day thats for sure. I do know people in my area who are using many herbalife products and have lost a lot of weight. just that stuff cost so much friken money lol. i have a problem w/ bloating..thought about getting pills from herbal life or been doing research on skinny fiber and seem lots of results.. but regardless exercise is KEY and a healthy or decent diet as well. 

  9. Thank you for sharing! I've been looking for something not as intense as insanity, so I might give t25 a try.

  10. Sup girly! You are so beautiful BTW =D
    But yea like I'm doing T25, and changing my diet and what not but I was wondering why you didn't do shakeology ? and do you follow parts of hit meal plan. Bc I don't I drink "leanbody shakes" and I nat. cook healthy for myself and watch potions or do you recm. doing  his plan? Please let me know – EyeCatchingAmiri  oh BTW what state you girly?

  11. When you were doing the gym workouts were you already down from your size 13 to the size 8? and did you do intervals and were taking the vitamins?

  12. Do you recommend the t25 for someone who is just trying to maintain their weight rather than lose? & I definitely what to hear your updates !!(:

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