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Miss India 2018 : Anukreethy Vas Reveals Unknown Facts About Herself | Pinkvilla | Fashion

Anukreethy Vas was crowned Miss India 2018 by Manushi Chhillar recently. Pinkvilla met with the beauty and Anukreethy revealed to us some unknown facts about. The 19 year old is the epitome of grace and elegance and considers Manushi Chhillar her idol. Watch on the video ‘Unknown facts about Miss India 2018, Anukreethy Vas’ to know more about her.

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Communicator. Hipster-friendly travel trailblazer. Extreme introvert. Beer ninja. Professional entrepreneur. Coffee junkie. Analyst. Web maven.


  1. Poor girl. Her voice is a bit annoying. She needs to work on it before the Miss World…nice personality though. Wish her luck!

  2. Beauty with a purpose! Congrats dear! All the best for your miss world contest! Lots of love from AP!

  3. Dark skin Tamil girls ruling the world hells yeah about damn time we stop pretending like our girls need to look like a particular group of people to feel beautiful. Tamil people are naturally dark skinned and we need to embrace it instead of making Tamanah a native village Tamil girl. She is beautiful so so beautiful, but that's not the only beautiful and I am still yet to find a Tamil village girl like her. TAMIL REPRESENT!

  4. Everyone speaking of her english skills and fluency. Remember she is speaking of a foreign language and not her mother tongue. Her english is far better than the european people. Check out the last 5 contestants on 2017 miss world ( beauty and their answers)

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