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Miracle powder for weight loss, fast metabolism, slimming, constipation and many Stomach diseases

Hi my all friends… today in this video I show you …… how to make easily and simply Miracle powder for quick weight loss, fast metabolism, slimming, constipation and many Stomach diseases
It so easily to make at home
In this video I also show your all about
Best for all age….
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1. Kala jeera black cumin seed powder
2. Desi gulab or desi rose
3. Methi dana or fenu greek
4. Dalchini or cinnamon
5. Malathi or licorice root
6. Ginger powder
7. Dhaniya or coriander leaf
8. Ajwain or carom seed
9. Lakh dana
10. Choti elaichi
11. Soof or saunf or fennel seeds
12. Kor tumba
13. Lemon
14. Saib ka sirka or apple vinegar
15. Kalonji or niglla seeds
Home made natural boost up hair oil for damage, growth, hair fall, remove dandruff and open pores on scalp

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8. Vitamin C serum how to use!! Benefit!! Side effects!! Why, when we use it and what is vitamin c serum

9. Vitamin c test!! How vitamin C testing at home!! Easily method

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11. Orange juice squeeze!! Orange peel and orange seeds!! How to dry at home in Urdu and Hindi

12. Orange and mosambi introduction in Urdu and Hindi

13. Why bones are weak in Urdu and Hindi!! Behind reason!! haddiyone ka bard

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15. Get fairer! Soft & wrinkle free hands and feet at home in 15 minutes (results in live video)


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