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Hey YouTube Family,
I love the YouTube community, so I decided to create a channel and share my fitness & debt free simple living journey with you! After I had my daughter back in 2015, I was finding it challenging to get back into my workout regimen, so my husband suggested watching some YouTubers to get ideas for programming and motivation…I instantly fell in love with this platform. It honestly helped me get back into training. So, here I am, putting myself out there, in hopes of doing the same for others, especially moms or people who struggle with staying healthy and fit.
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  1. Meal prepping isnt so boring with you lady!! 🙂 So glad you knew about the broccoli too, I get so mad when people boil it hahaha so easy!

  2. Just came across your channel and had to subscribe and hit the bell. Your camera is so clear what are you using?? Also how do you lift that much. That weight would kill me haha 😛 I have a channel too if you want to check it out 🙂

  3. love your minimalist life style! So inspirational! Love your channel and if you ever felt like working together lmk I make similar vids!

  4. just came across your channel, your ftiness vlogs are so amazing and I love your personality and honestly you deserve more subs and recognition 🙂 ! just became your 2,044th subscriber 🙂 I'd really appreciate if you also subscribe to my channel as well so that we can grow and support our channel together 🙂

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