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Meal Planning on a Budget | Meal Planning for Beginners LIVE Q&A

Meal planning on a budget will help you save your family THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year! This is not an exaggeration! In this live q&a I’m answering all your questions about how to meal plan for families all while making sure that you meal plan on a budget to help you save money!

This is the first live Q&A party that will be happening every Thursday night at 8PM PST!!!

Links we talked about in our Live Q&A:
Meal Planning on a Budget Toolkit:

How to start a budget:

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  1. I am doing 2 weeks at a time but it always gets changed, plans come up, we don't want to make/eat what we planned so it gets switched around every few days. Any tips for sticking to the meal plan & do you ever switch/change meal plan during the month?

  2. I'm looking forward to your future collaboration video as well. So exciting! I was going to request a food storage video- how and where do you store one months worth of food? Also in the freezer video will you explain how to defrost the food so it's not funky!!! Thanks so much.

    I'm getting so much from you. Stealing your food budget and using your tips and tricks. So far only a few weeks in but figure it's saved me so much time us so much money ! (About $200!)
    Thanks again.

  3. Love your videos! Watching your channel is what inspired me and my husband to start meal planning and get on a budget! We are so excited because doing this has allowed us to start paying off debts and really push towards saving for a down payment for a house. Two things we have wanted to do for years, but were unable to do in the past 🙂 Thanks for keeping us motivated! I am having trouble though with managing time…Any advice??? I get a meal plan together and plan on cooking an actual meal every night, and we manage to stay on budget with our meals…the problem is I work full time, and a lot of over time. I have a baby and a toddler under two. So, when I get home I get busy taking care of the kids and that requires my full attention for most of the evening. By the time I finish all the things I need to do I don't have time to cook. So several nights a week we end up blowing the budget by eating out, or by buying quick frozen dinners which are faster…but more expensive and less healthy. How do you juggle work, taking care of the family, and meal planning and still stay on budget???? We have only been doing this a few months now and have come a long way, but this seems to be the thing that gets me and our budget every. single. time.

  4. I work at the grocery store and I find myself thinking every day " what do I need to bring home from work today" any tips on how to combat the urge to bring home half the store every day ?

  5. i just started to meal plan and wanted to know do u review what u wrote on the meal plan daily or no. also i not really a snack person but i need to eat them because i am still eating out i think its because im not eating the snacks that should hold me over in between meals .

  6. This was awesome and what I needed to get refocused this year. Thank you! I would really like to see your tips for storing things that you buy in bulk. We finally got a second fridge for the garage and I wanted to use it for bulk items and freezer meals. I just do not know where to start.

  7. It was nice to hear you say that you realize how your budget will increase as your children grown and eat larger quantities. I had heard stories of people whose teenage boys ate them out of house and home, needed to get another PT job just to feed them. Even knowing that, now that I have a 14 year old boy, and 6 and 8 yo girls, I continue to be in shock at the sheer amount of food they can eat. My husband calls my son a human vacuum cleaner! The girls eat a lot too. We budget about 600 a month, just for food, not including household goods. AND that's with me cooking almost every single meal-doubling main dish recipes, hardly any waste because we scarf it down so fast, and shopping at places like grocery outlets and ALDI, never at a real grocery store, buying everything on sale. If I worked FT, I wouldn't be able to do all that cheap grocery hunting I do right now, wouldn't have the time to fix every meal at home. I might be able to pull off cooking dinner/having a meal plan, but in order to feed everyone, it just takes an unbelieveable amount of time to prepare food, and it's really tiring sometimes. I'm sure we'd be spending hundreds more a month if I had to shop at a grocery store. It's a strange feeling some nights to not have any leftovers, because I always did when the kids were little. That means also having to prepare something else for lunch too, can't always rely on leftovers being there, even with doubling recipes. Thanks for sharing! great video 🙂

  8. Love this video. We only have a budget of 260 for the month for a family of 4. We do have smaller children but I am having such a hard time keeping within our budget. Making a meal plan should help! We are doing the Dave Ramsey financial peace method. We are almost finished with baby step two. 2 more doc bills and we will be debt free except our house!!!

  9. There was a study done on kids' eating – over 10 years. The kids made the choice as to what to eat (no junk food options) out of meat, dairy, veggies, fruits. Some kids chose all fruit, some all bread, some all veggies and in 10 years time there was no difference in health. So do what works!!!!!

  10. Have you tried Amazon prime as an option. I do believe sprouts is one of the companies you can have delivered to your door

  11. It’s crazy how when it was just me and my husband we only spent at the most 200$ a month but now we spend like $600 for a family of 4

  12. Your videos have been so helpful to me! My husband and I are moving to a new state and I recently found out that I have to start paper work for my job over again so we will be on one income for at least 3 months and your videos have really given me some good ways to save money!

  13. I would love a video or live on your "batch" time management. A skill I need to work on!

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