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MASSAGE Your PIPI With COCONUT OIL And Your Wife Will Go CRAZY About You |By Natural Medicinal Plant

MASSAGE Your PIPI With COCONUT OIL And Your Wife Will Go CRAZY About You |By Natural Medicinal Plant
Coconut oil is actually one of the best options when it comes to an alternative lube, because it has moisturizing qualities, doesn’t contain any irritating additives, and is a natural antimicrobial substance. Coconut oil also has a number of applications in the bedroom that make it one of the best things to keep on your bedside table.
This specialty oil has gained considerable popularity in recent years as an element of healthy eating, as well as certain cosmetic and beauty applications, but it is not nearly as well known as a sexual lubricant. Some people do swear by it, however, due to its numerous benefits in the bedroom.
Many women experience vaginal dryness, making intercourse an uncomfortable or even painful experience that often leaves both partners unsatisfied. Coconut oil helps to quickly moisturize the skin and induce wetness in those sensitive areas, which can cut down on excess friction or irritation. It is far more lubricating than a water-based lubricant and the effect lasts longer. The natural anti-fungal and antibacterial nature of this oil can also help to protect against yeast infections and other potential pathogens.
Type Of Coconut Oil To Use As Lube
You always want to choose 100% pure coconut oil that does not contain any additives; many regular lubricants contain other chemicals and components that can leave the skin drier than before, irritated, or allergically inflamed. This powerful oil does the exact opposite, provided you’re using a pure variety!

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