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Keto Product Review – Growfit Coconut Cereal & Meal Replacement Smoothies

hey everyone! I’m back with another product review video and today I’m reviewing the meal replacement shakes and coconut flour cereal from Growfit.

You can order these and check out their full range of products from

For today’s review I’ve invited a friend of mine Nidhi Singh who is a very famous actor. She was part of the hit series Permanent Roommates.

You can check that out here:

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Hope you enjoy our honest review. Neither of us are affiliated with Growfit in any way.

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  1. i feel so bad for grow fit. At least there's someone selling keto friendly products in India. Oh well. Thanks for the honest review Demonstealer!

  2. I'm an old hand at protein shakes, and very very few actually have a decent taste. Whey protein tends to have an odd aftertaste, isolate is generally some of the best, casein can be pretty decent, but I have never had a keto shake, to be honest I just hack my own macros by adding oils to the shake (avocado or coconut, avocado doesn't congeal like coconut) or adding a raw egg or two, so the concept of a keto replacement shake is intriguing…quality content as usual my friend! m/

  3. I didn't find an ingredients list or nutritional facts on the getgrowfit website. Does not appear to be available in the US yet. I recently discovered PRO GRANOLA from Julian Bakery & love having it on hand to keep my cravings down. Monk Fruit is my new sweet fetish over the artificial sweeteners many Keto diets appear to push. Enjoyed watching this video. TU!

  4. I'm glad I wasn't drinking my water when you showed the consistency of the chocolate cereal 😀 😀 😀 That was BRILLIANT 😀 Thanks for the review. 🙂

  5. Tried the chocolate, didnt like it, so I just add a scoop to my post workout protein shake for a bit of cofonut flavour. Not going to order again though. Tried the peanut butter cookies too. MEH! Only the flax seed cheese crackers were ok ok imho. Something tonmunch on when im lazy and bored of nuts. The keto atta is something that I liked.

  6. Although these products are low carb compared to other "normal" products, don't you think they are still quite high on carbs for a ketogenic lifestyle? I've looked at the nutritional profile on their website and I feel like it's quite dishonest of them to suggest that they are keto friendly.

  7. I always enjoy your Keto videos but I'm not a fan of this sort of thing. I much prefer whole, real food though I realize that other lifestyles may need this sort of shortcut. I suppose the other side of the "review coin" is nutritional value and if these would satisfy one's appetite.

  8. Hey..I have been using growfit products since last month..their smoothies are good..I use amul cream and little water as the base. The cereal and the keto almond bars are not good. Low carb atta is amazing…makes awesome chapatis…good for a perfect keto diet… I am yet to try their flax seed cracker and peanut butter biscuit..I would encourage all those who follow keto diet to use their low carb atta and smoothies(with cream instead of coconut milk)…worth the money and low carbs

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