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Is Keto and Carnivore Diet A Cure For Autoimmune Disease and Allergies??

In this video I review a clip of anecdotal evidence from Joe Rogan’s interview of Jordan Peterson. I give my thoughts on Jordan’s Diet cures for his daughter and himself. I discuss how we can figure out the problem with diet and how to personalize your diet and see if it fixes your chronic diseases, mental health, or allergies (among many other symptoms).

Full Interview Here …

Some Science behind it…Follow through the references in the article….

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  1. Anyone have any ideas on persistent dry cough? esp when I lay down. I heard its related to being fat sometimes. I just ordered a humidifier… I'm a mouth breather and that might be fukin with my lungs at night

  2. Scott what do you believe would happen if I followed up an "eat less move more" type lifestyle with the keto/adf protocol? If I was successful dropping steady weight would the weight loss continue on keto? Would calories be less important initially while the body becomes fat adapted? Reason I ask is because I have hit a pretty mean plateau after getting to around 345 lbs from 455 lbs on keto/adf and the stall is very disheartening. I am growing impatient and am tempted to go on a low fat diet and suffer a little bit to accelerate the weight loss, even though I feel a million times better from a health standpoint. No more type 2 diabetes, no more high blood pressure etc. Keto is the longterm way of life for me there's no doubt about it, but I'm growing a little frustrated with my stall. Been hovering at around 345 lb since around Thanksgiving. Thanks for your opinion if you get a chance to respond and thanks for the kick ass channel man much appreciated! Also let me add that im a self admitted f*ckmaster pounder. Lift quite regularly and hit high intensity cardio between a half hour to an our daily. Thx agn!

  3. 21:50 I can attest to this. I obviously can't fully hear myself but I HAVE on occasion heard myself snore as I drift off to sleep, and I can FEEL that I'm snoring. I haven't felt that at all since being on keto for 2 months and losing 30lbs. Would like to find a second party to confirm one way or another. Weirdly enough, the first 2 weeks I stopped drooling in my sleep. I was a big drooler and I'm not anymore. Anybody have an explanation for that?

  4. I think I need to try carnivore.

    Because, keto didn't do shit for me or my wife, other than weight loss.

    Don't get me wrong, the weight loss was great. But, no faster than one meal a day, eating whatever I want.

    But, I hear all these people say that keto got rid of all these issues.

    It never helped my wife's anxiety, it never helped my plantar fasciitis, and other inflammation issues with my knees and ankles, it never cleared my brain fog and it did nothing for my psoriasis.

    We did 3 months of no cheat days… the last 3 weeks of which, we were very strict (basically just meat cooked in butter, greens and olive oil). And two more months with cheat meals. It just never helped with any of those issues.

    If it did, I probably would have stuck with it.

    So, I don't know, maybe I need to go to the extreme and go carnivore. Thinkin I'll give it a shot, later this month.

  5. Fasting alone made such dramatic changes for me that it was uncanny. No point in listing every single issue that was resolved or tremendously reduced, but all these anecdotal stories from so many different people worldwide eventually adds up to something close to a controlled study. Jordan Peterson is a brilliant man. Check out his own videos if you want to gain insight on a multitude of subjects.

  6. Keto is a mind game,it often takes multiple runs at it and does require a determination to get to grips with it whatever it takes.When you realise this it becomes a challenge and a goal worth reaching as the benefits are awesome.Only then to you realise how misguided and deceived we have been in the name of profit.

  7. Scott, I forgot how much I used to sneeze and cough to the point that I would pee and shit my pants…and shit. I can't remember the last time I had a sneezing and coughing fit. I've been keto since Feb 2016 and I'm down 50 lbs. Thanks for your insight and videos, from John and Theresa.

  8. I started LowCarbHighFat on 3/1/15 and did have the usual spring time reaction but not as severe (lasting only about 2 to 3 weeks). The second year starting on 1/1/16 every day I had an 8 ounce serving of homemade bone broth to increase my chances of removing springtime body responses and only had about a week of sickness. This past year I wasn't as stringent with the bone broth however I had no sickness when spring rolled in! I'm looking forward to the upcoming spring in 2018!

  9. All I have to do is eat some refined carbs and I fell horrid. It's immediate for me. I ate 1 tortilla a few weeks ago and felt terrible tired and bloated within about 15 minutes. Took me about a week to recover. I can sneak in a piece of dark chocolate with only 5 gm of carbs so a small piece once in a while and I'm ok

  10. So true…I’ve been doing keto for almost a year because my husband got a high sugar diagnosed going into a shoulder surgery….all the studying and thank god YouTube got such a great amount of information…..saved out lives! Wish this information was more mainstream I would of changed 40 years ago!!!! Thank you

  11. Plant Based News’ Cyrus Kahmbatta, Piled higher & Deeper, seems to think that he has to misrepresent Keto by portraying some Keto proponents whose science may not be 100% correct as proof positive that Keto is bad. Hyperbole is not an argument, not even a hypothesis because a hypothesis allows for itself to be disputed.

  12. topic Psychiatrists
    I think, i have to send you a list and some links about some psychiatrists and therapists, who put good nutrition as first priority.
    Are you interested ?

  13. using a lot of foul language doesn't make what you have to say any more interesting or important. if you believe in what you are saying, just say it. if you don't, think about what you have against your own thoughts and fix them so they make sense

  14. Vets are responding well to a keto diet to help with PTSD. It would be nice to do a controlled study with these guys that are killing themselves every 20 minutes. How nice it would be to help them with nutrition. I really believe it would help.

  15. I'm new to your channel and I have been on a binge 7 days now. I started keto January 28th at 286. I have been doing keto (a tweaked version) and have lost tremendously. I am now 240lbs and have started IF two weeks ago. I used to fast but not on keto and had no results because I ate crap. Now with keto and IF I feel alive. I have had two slip ups both OD on steak but no rise in weight. I have been on an 18/6 and I've done a 72hr as well. I love your show bro. Very informative as well as funny. You're truly down to earth and tell it like it is. KUDOS BRO!

  16. I have sleep apnea, and I've been on Keto, and while things are better, there are more causes to SA than food. Don't be so glib about Keto being a cure-all for that.

  17. I highly recommend Joe Rogan's interview of Dan Balzarian (spelling?). Absolutely hilarious and very raw and real. Dan is that playboy dude who won millions playing poker and build a big following on social media due to his chicks and money. Pretty much every mans dream.

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