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  1. What are your personal thoughts on IF? Are you FOR IT or AGAINST IT? Let me know in a comment below.

  2. I’m over 50, and do HIIT in the early morning. I need to IM from 10-2pm. My question, is it bad to work out on a fast and even worse to not eat until 7 hours or so after a workout?

  3. Ive been working out and haven't eaten in 3 days and I'm still not hungry ?

  4. So skip breakfast and first meal is at 1pm.with the 16/8 fasting? ..i thought breakfast was the most important meal of the day..i am going to try it…i have already started a kept diet..7 days now…looking for a boost

  5. I have to say you're the 1st person that i have seen. described fasting straight forward simple of what it is how to use it. you are fucken awesome. Thanks. Make more videos bro

  6. You shouldn’t drink coffee or tea during the fasting phase, as that will start the metabolic process. Only drink water.

  7. Seems great but to get your Macros in one meal would you not be absolutely cramming your face in the evening? I have started this but know I'm not getting what mfp says I should get… probably getting may 1000cals. Appetite during day is basically gone though, it does work.

  8. Do you have cuss by explaining yourself get to know The lord your God Jesus Christ Savior of the World repentance is must

  9. I started a new healthy lifestyle 3 months ago.
    I was 5'2 246lbs 3xl shirt and 52/54 pants.

    I found IF 2 months ago and as of 2 weeks ago I am eating at 2-230 and 630-7

    I eat sweet potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, chicken, beef, eggs, spinach and greens.
    I feel like I might be under calories but feel like I am over in nutrients.

    Never hungry. Always have energy. Sleep like a tranquilized bear.
    I am currently 170lbs. M shirt, 36 pants.

    My question is about coffee. I heard that breaks a fast…true?

    I'd love to add coffee as a pre workout.

  10. Day 3 of 16/8. Going well. Skipping breakfast is not as excruciating as i thought. My body is adapting! Yay

  11. Subbed. Can I ask what can I eat.. I want to do this but worried I'll have to be specific with the foods. On a typical day I eat eggs chicken peppers and bread. But I've noticed I'll pig out on crisps chocolate and lots of surgery drinks.. I'm not huge but I suffer with alot of mh issues. I honestly beleive its becquse of what i eat and being lazy. I used to train everyday and got I'll. I want to get back to the way I was without all the shit meds. Any help would be appreciated

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