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I Compete Again | Cellulite Ruins My Competition Body

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  1. Awwww, I think you should have placed higher… Hey has anyone heard of the Ashley Black Fascia Cellulite blaster, apparently other figure competitors in the USA have tried it and got rid of most of their cellulite. She has a ton of videos on YouTube, but I personally think it's too expensive…

  2. I once saw a doctor on tv explaining cellulite and it’s the connection of the skin to the muscle that causes it. Not fat. He showed how he performed a procedure of severing those connections and cellulite gone. BUT… You really look great no matter what. Good work and great discipline.

  3. Hey girl, raise your head now, you have everything to achieve your goals, show everyone and more importantly, show yourself that this barrier can be overcome …#CREW

  4. Gosh, I love your positivity and how real you are!  You are a gem! I can totally relate to the cellulite on back of the legs.

  5. Fair play Lainey!! You looked amazing and so lean? I honestly think tho cellulite is an Irish affliction. Obviously all ppl get it but its like we have the pastiest, uneven, almost see-through skin??? im Irish, im brunette, ive leaned down alot lately. Like u my upper body skin stays smooth even when i was curvier? Then my legs look good but cellulite at the back n sides. Then you'll see girls from European countries who are very fair but no theyve got this golden, even skin even tho it cud be -30 there for ages like?? Its like they've got thicker skin or sumthn!! Its infuriating. Irish skin im telln u!!

  6. In fairness the judges shouldn't be allowed judge on Cellulite, its been proven time and again it afflicts even the skinniest of ppl. I mean it's very obvious to anyone you've an excellent muscle base so why should cellulite totally write people off?!

  7. you look incredible.. total dream x there's something wrong with he judges …how a woman should look like…delicious x

  8. Girl! I get you. I compete, judge and train women… Promise you -can minimise and flush those legs, increasing macros for recovery even a few weeks and then trial some things that work for you! Things that worked for me, no minimal caffeine, gluten free did lean my legs, stretching, create a good environment for those happy hormones xx amazing work!!! You got this. More than stage

  9. Lovin asses with a bit of cellulite….Lovin the jiggle don't mess with it girl! Just leave the stage alone

  10. I’m not a fan of females doing bodybuilding but I admire the discipline and dedication they put in

  11. I applaude you for all your hard work, you look amazing! Its not fair that something that's natural even in women who are Fit are deemed not worthy of winning. Just glad to know this before I tried competing since i will never be without cellulite.

  12. I feel ya girl no matter what I do I have cellulite it's just my genetics no matter how lean or how much muscle I build it just won't go away and when I bulk it shows up everywhere my tummy my arm even though I don't have much fat it sucks but I just stop caring lol

  13. Honey you're a fine woman so don't get it twisted; beautiful figure, and one that made my mouth water.

  14. Girl you're still hot af. Fuck that competition, it does not appreciate real women and how women are really supposed to look like.

  15. We are told by society that cellulite is something we need to get rid of, cover up… I don’t get it. I am a fit woman. I’ve had cellulite on the back of my legs since puberty. I was so embarrassed and did everything I could to get rid of it and cover it. What a waste of energy. I’m 38 and a mom of 3 small children. I’m strong and haven’t cared about my cellulite in about 10 years. It’s very freeing. I don’t completely eye because I know my cellulite will be judged against me. Onward. Also, I don’t get why women cares so much about camel toe. We have labias. They may show their shape at times. Big deal!!!

  16. I feel a great deal of respect for you to be brave enough to keep moving forward. You look amazing always.

  17. of course such a superficial competition is going to make u place less because of cellulite. the whole competition is based on physical appearance which in my opinion all the girls look underfed. i have no idea why anyone would wanna do a bikini comp – but to each their own!

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