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How to Start a 28-Day SUGAR Detox Plan (Lose 4% of Weight in 4 Weeks) | Joanna Soh

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Go SUGAR-FREE and be in your BEST SHAPE! Most of us consume SUGAR way past the recommended limit. If you’re a sugar addict, watch this video!

1) 5 Signs You’re Addicted to Sugar:

2) 7 Steps to Break-up with Sugar:

Here’s the Workout Plan:

28-Day Sugar Detox Meal Plan:

28-Day VEGAN Sugar Detox Meal Plan:

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Joanna is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach with over 8 years of experience.

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1) For the first 2 weeks, the goal is to limit added sugar to no more than 25g or 6 teaspoons in a day. The next two weeks, completely eliminate ALL added sugars and only consume food with natural sugars, but still keeping it to a reasonable amount.

2) Start replacing refined sugar with healthier alternatives such as maple syrup, honey or stevia.

3) Start adding more fruits to satisfy your sugar cravings.

4) Try using less sugar or creamer into your coffee or tea.

5) Start swapping soda drinks for flavoured carbonated water that has no artificial sweeteners and slowly eliminating them all together. The goal is eventually to just drink water!

6) Learn to read and understand food labels because most of the foods, which you THINK are healthy may contain a lot of hidden sugars.

7) Your diet should consist mainly of whole foods and no processed foods at all. You’re basically eating a balanced diet rich in protein, vegetables and healthy fats.

8) The good news is that, your taste buds and palate CAN BE RETRAINED to adopt a less sugary lifestyle, and eventually you’ll not crave the same high-sugar foods as before.



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  1. She is right. Once your body gets used to having less sugar, foods like grapefruit and lemons will taste sweet rather than sour or bitter.

  2. Stevia is a life saver. i only have it in my coffee, which i cannot live without. don't forget to stock up on Excedrine or Advil because you will get headaches. believe me, i know. it can last up to a week.

  3. Like evrry time very nice vidio.. drink cofee and tee without sugar and i try to eat too much fruits but i eat dark chokolate "-"

  4. I’m totally addicted to sugar although I don’t use sugar or honey to my drinks I really like to have chocolatey snacks… Also biggest step to drinking plain water. Amazing video, I’ll be following! I want to break up with sugar and cleanse my body. Xxx

  5. I m crave of snake fried food chips such type of food.. So how can I over come from this habit or stop eating. I always start my life with healthy food and I promise myself I won't eat any sugary food or deep fried food chips snacks and all.. But after days I start eating fried food again!!!!

  6. I started reducing the sugar I put in my hot drinks several weeks ago and now I take none in my drinks and have taken it out of a lot of my food!!!

  7. I am extremely sugar addicted myself /in reality I eat only sweet stuff like fruits and low calorie deserts – no meat, no vegetables/, but I will try to really break this addiction. Thanks Joanna for this extreme motivation!
    Just survived the first day without sugar and omg still alive. Super exited to stay till the end

    Guys, good luck to everyone who are going to detox their body from sugar. Let's live our best life with no addiction lol

  8. Anyone who feels hopeless on this task or struggles, she's right, it gets much easier and everything will taste much sweeter than before. ,you will slip up and that's ok, get back on track
    Aim for 28 days but if you can't do it in 28 days, keep at it. Everyone is different, it took me 2 months. Don't be disheartened

  9. I like your video so much! I hope I will reach your level of success on youtube. Will you subscribe to my channel? I would be sooooo happy Joanna!

  10. hi maam what is the best waistline at my age 33 and weight …i been fallow ur diet since then i so admire ur video i almost doing wht u did so perfect thanks but i wanted to know the things wht im doing so pls answer me reply me thanks ur so excellent instructor…all the best

  11. Hi Joanna.. Am from tamilnadu, India.. I don't believe in artificial sugar substitute.. Instead can we use jaggery or palm sugar?

  12. Ive been doing so good with a healthy diet for years, but this past year Ive been so addicted to sugar, my weight is getting out of control. I love how your videos are quick and easy for me to follow and understand. Several years ago I worked out to your videos when I was just starting out and they were so encouraging and easy to follow along to, I actually got into shape. That's when I couldn't afford the gym and had little kiddos to care for at home. Ive become a whole lot more active over the years. Walking and hiking etc, but my diet has slipped up. So this video is so helpful to me ! ty again!!

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