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How to Protect Your Kidney Health: Avoid These 5 Foods

These 5 foods are full of ingredients, additives and chemicals shown to cause the worst problems to your kidneys and overall health.
If you want to protect your kidney health, keep these 5 supermarket staples out of your shopping cart.
The dialysis free kidney treatment that has been proven to help stage 5 patients

While the right dietary regimen is important for everyone, those with diminished kidney function have shown the worse reaction to an unbalanced diet.
To protect your kidney health, all you need to do is stopping eating these 5 dangerous foods!

This and more in this video! Watch it now.

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  1. Thank you so much young and beautiful lady. YOU have a big heart for sharing your Knowledge and interesting video now I keep on the watch my list what I eat and Drink. Once again thank you…young beautiful lady!

  2. If you listen to these videos, you will become a fanatic. All types of food in moderation is good nutrition. Stay away from supplements. . . .Unless you have an illness, eat a well balanced diet. Most physicians have minimal knowledge of nutrition, but have no problem prescribing drugs.

  3. Most of the kidney disease are due to non treatment of urinary tract infection.
    Most uti patients are given antibiotics like Bactrim and augamamatine
    If you treat uti with Norflaxcin you can eliminate kidney failure.
    Textured vegetable protein may be an another cause for kidney failure

  4. What? A banana? That's a ridiculous study. Research your own study, study your own research. Fruits and vegetables including bananas are part of our diet. Study about junk foods, hard drinks and soft drinks. Why not drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day to removed toxins in our body. Exclude green mango it makes your diet sour.

  5. Where we can find that kind of medicinal herbs that suited for detoxification and for cleansing. And I am not very particular and not seen any kind of that herbs. The only medicinal leaf I have known is " sambong " , for the uti's

  6. Technically every food can shorten our lives but not eating foods will kill us faster. Also kidneys filter blood which you forgot to mention

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