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Watch how to make a refreshing strawberry smoothie with fresh berries, skim milk, plain yogurt, and a little splash of vanilla. Like a strawberry milkshake without all the calories—it’s a deliciously healthy way to kick off the day.

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  1. I suggest adding stevia or honey to the smoothie instead of refined sugar to make it a tad healthier. Also using almond milk or buttermilk in place of the skim milk will change up the flavor nicely.

  2. What can I substitute for the skim milk?
    I plan to do it but we don't have any skim milk available here :((

  3. Hi Danielle, thanks for your question. The recipe calls for skim milk to keep the calories low, but you can use 2% or whole milk, or even almond, rice or soy milk. Enjoy!

  4. Thank you for your comment. Milkshakes are usually made with ice cream and are much thicker. You can make smoothies with juice and yogurt. Enjoy!

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