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How To Make Nutella-Homemade Nutella Recipe-Chocolate Hazelnut Spread-Healthy Nutella (Simple&Quick)

This video shows you how to make nutella at home simple ingredients.homemade nutella is very easy and simple to make homemade nutella recipe / homemade chocolate hazelnut spread.hazelnut spread is very healthy,tasty dessert.Delicious hazelnut butter spread or nutella can be used for making many recipes cakes,milkshakes,cookies,brownies,ice creams,chocolates.Kids will love this nutella.You can spread it on breakfast sandwich /breads/chapathi/roti,used as a dip for fruits,etc.

Try this how to make homemade nutella recipe /homemade chocolate hazelnut spread.
Nutella Spread Ingredients :
Hazelnuts OR Almonds
Vanilla Extract
Powdered Sugar
Cocoa Powder

Chocolate Frosting :

Vegan Chocolate Frosting Without Biutter,Sugar,Milk,&Egg :

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