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How To Cook Ribs In An Instant Pot

How To Cook Ribs In An Instant Pot ~ On this YouTube video, we will show you the easiest way to make Baby Back Ribs using your Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker. A lot of folks find it hard to believe that you can make delicious baby back ribs using an Instant Pot. Well I am here to tell you that our Instant Pot baby back rib recipe, is delicious.

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You might be asking yourself, how long to cook ribs in an Instant Pot. Well we will answer that question for you on this video and give you step-by-step directions on how to make delicious Instant Pot baby back ribs at home.

Cooking ribs in an Instant Pot, does not take a lot of practice. In fact if you have never made Instant Pot ribs before, the odds are pretty good that if you follow our Instant Pot baby back rib recipe, your Instant Pot ribs will turn out fantastic. After you watch the video and make your own Instant Pot ribs, come back and let us know how they turn out.






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  1. Even if you don't own an electric pressure cooker, you should check out this video because you won't believe how fast you can baby back ribs at home. Plus there's a couple of other pretty cool kitchen tips in the video. Let me know what you think about the video ☺ Mike

  2. Mike I’ve always enjoyed your videos. Ribs though are one of my ways to spend a Saturday doing the traditional BBQ method. But! In the event we get a snowstorm in Vegas and I must have ribs, the instant pot would be my go to. I must admit I’ve made pulled pork, beef ribs and whole chickens in mine along with the usual stews and soups. Love the tips and recipes. We all learn a little from all the recipes. Now an apartment dweller now has a method to make really good ribs at home. I would recommend the instant pot in the largest size you can afford and with the Bluetooth feature. The instant pot has a sauté/ browning feature that’s hard to beat but I know nothing of other pressure cookers. Except the one that blew up in my grandmothers kitchen in the 60’s because the safety valve failed thanks to my Grandpa using a bolt so she could make chicken stew. She got a new stove, cabinets and a freshly painted kitchen outta that ingenious idea.

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