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How To Be Vegan In College + Healthy Dorm Haul!

We were so thrilled to meet AJ & tour Loyola University! We hope this video is helpful to all the vegans out there to see how easy it is with just a rice cooker or a fancy Instant Pot & a mini fridge & you can be eating healthy & amazing food in minutes!

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If you want to know what was in the dorm haul & the recipes we made for the video check for a free pdf that contains all the supplies & groceries!

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  1. My resident hall doesn't allow crockpots, microwaves, slow cooker, or anything that uses heat. It's so students use their meal plan. The dining hall has a vegan station. But what they serve isn't the healthiest. I don't know what to do.

  2. So what do you do if your dorm room does not allow cooking stuff like pressure cookers, microwaves, etc?

  3. Thank you for the great tips…. I am a mom of 6 kids and I was looking for cheap and easy ideas for quick and healthy/vegan meals…Thank you for the inspirations you are giving throught your videos!! We start our vegeterian/vegan (depend on how receptive the kids will be) journey in 10 days!! I can't wait to see my family reaction with this new life style…it's time to make a change.

  4. You guys deserve so many more subscribers!!! You are so informative and helpful, thanks so mouch! I just started eating a plant based diet and transitioning to a vegan lifestyle πŸ™‚ you are also soo kind to do this!!! <3 spread the love!!!

  5. I've been eating a ton of rice. I keep a lot of canned beans and dried beans for protein and bread/veggie burgers πŸ™‚

  6. I'm actually doing a research project on the vegan options at my college and how they compare to other colleges! We definitely need more vegan options. One girl even said all she could find to eat was French fries for the entire semester which isn't healthy at all. I go to Baylor University which is a Christian Baptist University in Texas. I'm also Vice President of the vegetarian club here- but 68% of our members are vegan so it's more like the vegan club. So far we have about 200+ members and this is a small private school so the movement is really growing πŸ™‚ it's awesome.

  7. I am in college and have a cooker just like that. It's awesome because I can go to the cafeteria and steal raw veggies from the salad bar but then make a soup or just sautΓ© them back in my room. I also make rice, oats, wheat berries, and other grains in it in large batches and store them in my fridge. I highly recommend it to vegans in college!!

  8. Hey mr and mrs vegan my name is Morgan and I'm going to LMU this august so I watched the video again but on the LMU website it says I'm not allowed to have any cooking appliances in my room including rice cookers. The RA said that it was okay for this girl to have one? I'm vegan and trying to plan out what I'm allowed to have as far as cooking goes if you could let me know what you hear about those rules that would be so amazing! Thank you guys ☺️

  9. I really like this video,kids are so important and they are our future,thank you for looking after them:)
    I never Cooked veggies in the microwave cause worry about plastic packets that they come in, and such:),so I don't even know what they have now a days,but we don't have Traders Joe where we live.

  10. This will be so helpful to college dorm students! I didn't know pressure cookers were aloud! I need to try that recipe in my pressure cooker. That college essentials list looks super helpful as well. I don't live in a dorm but this makes me so excited lol

  11. lmao this is bullshit most dormitories DO NOT allow crockpot of any kind or knives usually because they're seen as weapons and fire hazards and most college kids can't afford to shop at Trader Joe's and so on like guys be more realistic with this…amd depending on the college it can be incredibly hard to have a well rounded vegan diet just eating the meal plan which is what some students have to live off of

  12. Being vegan in college is easy. Even though I don't dorm, I can pack my own meals. And when I can't, I can mange to find some vegan options. I've been vegan for about 5 months now and I'm loving it!

  13. I'm pretty sure most colleges don't allow you to have an insta pot in the dorm and even if mine did where would I get that kind of money being a college student and all. The food was also expensive. You should definitely make a more practical vegan college dorm food video. Like quick and inexpensive meals you can make.

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