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Healthy Trader Joe’s Haul | Low Carb, Dairy Free + MEAL IDEAS

What’s good, Doll Gang?! 🏼 Today I have a Trader Joe’s Haul that is dairy free & low carb! I’ve been eating low carb for the past few weeks and I feel amazing! I hope you enjoy! MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!!

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  1. Today I have a Trader Joe's Haul that is dairy free & low carb! I've been eating low carb for the past few weeks and I feel amazing! I hope you enjoy! MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!!

  2. I have been watching you for yearssssss Kayla<3 (since 17 I'm 24 lol)….
    Every video there is something you'll do that I can relate to and go " awww, I do that too" or "same …lol" ..and I think thats why I've loved your videos for years.
    lol now you freaking know all of this meat lately in your grocery hauls is throwing me off 🙁 lol
    My dad is a huge food nazi , he's on Dr.Sebi's alkaline diet and he inforces a lot of his ways on me. I don't label as anything due to the fact that I still some times consume chicken, cheese, and ice cream here and there. Eating out(which is a picky/rare situation) is the only opportunity I get to eat one of the 3 because 6months ago, I stopped buying them for my house. I figured keeping them out of close reach will help me wing them all here in the future. And its working !!!! Lol your pork bacon made me have a mini heart attack….so much meat lately babe:/

  3. The romaine lettuce from Trader Joes is safe to eat since its grown in California. Its only Arizona romaine that you should watch out for love. (:

  4. Hey girl hey !
    I love these haul they really help me alot…
    Btw I love the Color of your hair looks good on your skin tone

  5. I steam my frozen broccoli, it doesnt come out mushy… great good haul. I don't fallow a diet, but I am vegetarian really ..I just eat moderately and I measure my food..I lost 25 pounds , happy 4th

  6. GTS puts out Watermelon flavor for about a month every year. 🙂 It won't be here long so stock up! 🙂

  7. YES GURL!!! Would love to see the meals that you put together in your next vlog. I really need some new food ideas. Also what was you saying about the romaine lettuce?? isn't it healthy? X

  8. You gotta try the strawberry…it will give you life. The WalMart in my area has a big selection. Today I got Multi-Greens; Guava Goodness and Gingerberry. So excited to try these new flavors.

  9. I had no idea Trader Joe’s had almond granola. I have to try this. Great haul.

  10. Hello Kayla,

    I wanted to know if you ever had Soul Food (African American traditional dishes/food)? If so, what are your favorite soul foods, have you ever tried to make a healthy soul food dish? I hope you are having a wonderful day…peace!

  11. Has anyone noticed that the sliced mangoes at Trader Joe’s have been a little hard lately? It’s almost like the ones in Michigan are giving you slices of mangoes that aren’t ripe

  12. Lols “Wanna go for a walk?” Shows clip of walking on treadmill. Why not bring him out for a walk and vlog it? You could check out a few cool places (dog friendly restaurants, parks) and talk to us..

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