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Ashton is a huge fan of Smoothies he used to tell me mommy please please please don’t put bananas in it girl I still do it till this day if he skip a veggie with his dinner the night before than the next day he is having a veggie and Berry smoothie And if he doesn’t eat his fruits he is having a fruit smoothie and he loves them so I encourage all mom’s to encourage there kids to have one smoothie a day and it also works great on picky eater’s I do it so I want halft to buy you know super sugared popsicles

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•Frozen Blue Berries
•Frozen Strawberries and Bananas
•Almond Milk

We like our fruit frozen because it’s better if you’re the on the go type you will not need any ice just frozen fruit or veggies and we are ready to blend with our almond milk and go

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part-time job my life was never a spoiled life I started working at age 13teen to help my mom because she also was a single mother I wanted to do right by her but it was a struggle being in the dark are not having water at times I always told my mom we going to be good I’m going to graduate high school and go to college and you want halft to worry so that’s what I did went to UNT majored in Physical Therapy and Business Management my life was on the right path I graduated and it’s along store but I had my son and he is my biggest blessing his arrival stopped a toxic relationship my struggle as a single mom is real but I halft to keep pushing for us…

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