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Healthy Ramen Noodles Recipe: Cooking for Children shows you how to make Healthy Ramen Noodles. Its quick, fast, and easy to make with your kids! What flavors did your family come up with? Let us know. Post a comment below.

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  1. Funny story… I sorta didn't have rice wine so I used real wine. And now my kids are drunk, but hey at least their quiet

  2. cook them in two separate pots as the noodle contains oil which will allll go into your soup base if you cook them in the same pot.

  3. Mirin actually packs with ~10% alcohol, which is not really less than "real wine". When talking about rice wine, it is packed with ~20% alcohol, which is almost a double of the "real wine" that you were talking about. 🙂

  4. yeah, very healthy recvipe with a lot of soy, very good for kids , if you want them sterile, and the onion and garlic powder very healthy too,not, we are eating a lot of crap instead of really healthy organic vegetables and meat, pre processing food to much are destroying it. we have to go back to living with nature not against

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  6. Just made this for my family for dinner and it was absolutely delicious! Although I found I had to add a lot of extra water as the recipe makes a really salty ramen. In saying that, I find most ramens too salty so it depends on your taste I guess. But definitely give this a go! Really simple, quick and yummy 🙂

  7. Still WAY too much sodium. Replacing MSG with other forms of sodium (very high amounts of salt in the miso, soy sauce, etc) is not doing any good. If people knew what's good for them (and most don't have a clue) they need to stay away from all that salt and keep from giving their kids salt insensitivity. They'll just grow up eating insanely salty things wanting more and more destroying their health.

    It's a shame so many people don't have a clue how horrifically bad salt is for you. Too much WILL give you a heart problem, and trust me you don't want that.

  8. can we use chicken broth instead of stock? i'm not sure how it will affect the recipe / cooking time

  9. Msg is perfect safe to eat. Its a placebo effect example: sugar doesn't make you hyper but you tell a kid it does they are going to act hyper because that's what they r told it does. So when people don't feel "well" because of msg it's from being told it makes you feel bad. Professional magicians use this trick all the time if they hand something and say you should feel a warm feeling chances are you are going to feel a warmth on your hand.

  10. Your brain functions off of salt and sodium, so salt being bad for you is so far from the truth now if you eat handfuls of salt with every meal sure you will get sick. I didn't eat salt because at one point I was like most thinking its unhealthy but now I eat a moderate amount with lunch and dinner and I have never felt better.

  11. Love all your recipes. there's wax in noodle its not good for you.. so cook the noodle separately then add it to your yummy heathy soup.

  12. The "naughty little packet" is not what makes ramen noodles so unhealthy, it's the plastic/waxy-like spray or chemical that makes the noodles stick together, so instead of the noodles in the packet, you can buy healthy rice noodles, boil some water and add the spice packet or bouillon to the water and add the rice noodles. If you use bouillon you can use beef, chicken, shrimp whatever you want just makes sure you don't add extra salt, just some pepper or garlic powder. Just letting you all know. The packet that comes in ramen bags is just garlic and onion powder, salt, pepper, keyanne, and herbs.

  13. i think you should boil the instant noodles first then pour in the miso broth because when you boil it, the oil or chemical in the noodles will come all out. After that, drain all the nasty water out. Your noodles know super healthy or you just simply buy rice noodles

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