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Healthy Nutty Dalia | Healthy Breakfast Recipe | Porridge with Honey

Dalia or Cracked Wheat is a superfood eaten for breakfast in India. Healthy Nutty Dalia is delicious and as the name suggests, it’s healthy. It is made with ghee, milk, dalia, honey, chopped nuts and raisins. It is a complete powerhouse of nutrition and will keep you going throughout the day. Do try this super healthy breakfast recipe and enjoy the benefits.

Dalia also known as Porridge in English, is a breakfast cereal dish eaten commonly in India and England. Dalia is cracked wheat roasted with ghee and boiled with milk. The dalia is then transferred to a bowl where honey, almonds and raisins are added and mixed well.

Do try this super delicious and healthy porridge recipe and let us know in the comments below how you like it and what would you like to see next.

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