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Healthy Eating Hacks That Changed My Life

Today I’m sharing the simple healthy eating habits that I use every day. These are the eating habits I use to stay healthy. I don’t prescribe to a diet to be healthy or lose weight because I think it’s restrictive and isn’t something that is easy to stick to. I’m OK eating fats, sugars, and calories, but it’s just about doing it in a healthier way. So, these healthy eating habits are something you can easily adopt in your everyday eating.

IMPORTANT: I want to note this isn’t all about weight loss. I’m not saying I was overweight before at all. But, I wasn’t eating healthy or nourishing my body. I ate unhealthy portions and unhealthy foods. While adopting these healthy eating habits helped me lose weight, it worked because I am eating GOOD foods, finding healthy alternatives, and eating the right sized portions.

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  1. I'm vegan but being vegetarian or vegan does not guarantee anybody will lose any weight at all. People used to say go vegetarian or vegan they're all skinny well that's not true! I have one cup of coffee a day and I'm not taking out my soy creamer and sugar. Do you realize that 40 years ago they would tell me people to eat off of salad plate instead of a dinner plate? So far nothing you have said is new. Yeah and where do they deliver to that would have been helpful information. Sorry but I eat Dave's Killer Bread which has 27 different seeds in it is high protein and lower carbohydrate. The bun is not the problem with the burger. The burger is the problem that has the most calories and fat take half the meat out and eat the bun! Studies that have been University Medical Center double blind studies show that we receive enough water from the food we eat that we don't need to be consuming tons of excess water. Unless it's a hot day and you're outside working on a road crew. You can't say never to treats or the whole thing will collapse like a house of cards. As I said these things have been out there for decades and nobody is doing them not any significant amount of people or we wouldn't have such obesity in this country. Elizabeth MD Ph.D nutrition and food science

  2. Great video, love the simple health tips, if you have any others, maybe some healthy snacks that you eat?

  3. I make it an exeption to drink anything else but water and tea (without sugar). Every once in a while I have, black coffee, soy cappuccino (no sugar) and my favourite: soy caramel frappuccino, no whip.

    And I ate 3 meals a day for years. Oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter for breakfast, bread for lunch (really common where I'm from) and a homemade meal for dinner. But, now I'm pregnant, and I litteraly have to eat allll dayyy loooong! Or I'm just starving.. my weight gain had been slow so far, so I'm not worried for now. It's just, when the baby gets here, I have to get out of some bad habits.

  4. It'd be super helpful if you included little details like "Daily Harvest is an American-only company"…-disappointed Canadian-

  5. I really love this video. When wanting to lose weight and eat healthier it is easy to create eating disorder habits, something I did when i was really down and anxious… counting calories and micromanaging meals when you have bad mental health can be really dangerous… i realized what i was doing in time but it could have ended badly… i am trying to feel less anxious over food and these tips are really good.
    So, thank you for showing a healthy view on healthy eating habits, both good for your body and mind ♡

  6. Thanks for sharing. I was excited to see this video but I honestly didn't learn anything new. I did all of this for 3yrs + worked-out 4-5 days a week & it helped me live a super healthy life, with more energy. I guess I was hoping to find out what's the secret to continuing to live this life style.

  7. These tips were great! I’ve been using a salad plate for my dinner for years! And I also only have one serving spoon of rice or whatever carbs I’ve made and pile my plate up with salad instead.

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