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Glutes and Abs with Weights – 10 MINUTE BIKINI TONED | Rebecca Louise

This glutes & abs workout with weights will get us bikini toned in 10 minutes! Get ready for a small waist and lifted booty!
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  1. omg Rebecca – I love your workouts keep going – you keep me fit !!!! Could you make a FOAM ROLLER EXERCISE ?? That would be great.

  2. I do Your leg workouts as well as tge abs workout daily.
    How long would it take for me to get Thinner legs?

  3. I love this so much….You're definitely an inspiration… One of the best fitness experts and moreover a motivator…. Keep inspiring girl… <3

  4. i want to start your 30-day-get-fit-plan but i don‘t understand the payment… let‘s say if i buy a itunes and appstore card, would i be able to pay with that ard or does the payment work in another way? can someone who already has the 30-day-get-fit-plan help? thanks xx

  5. thank you so much abs and glutes workooooooooooooooout espacially that i don't have so much time i have exams this couple weeks but workout help me to improve my memory and relax llllllllllllllllllllllllllove you and sir alphie

  6. Hello Rebecca,
    I sent you a PM on facebook cause I want to join your 30 day get fit program.I filled out everything but I'm not sure if I did it right.BTW: I did this workout today 🙂

  7. I have been following your workout videos for last 3 months n i can see a slight outline of my abs muscles, n i lost 4.5kg. Now i will move on to weights…planning to get 2kg and 4kg dumbbells

  8. Love this so much. Your 10min workouts used to kill me but the more I do them the stronger I feel <3

  9. Please if you can answer this.
    I weighed 65 kgs on 1/4/18 and I lost 4 kgs in April that means I was on 61. And I guess I trained only 15-20 days that month.
    And now on 23/5/18 I am still on 61, where I did work out every single day.
    Please any answer why did it happen?

  10. Hey Rebecca can you help to plan a entire week of how and which parts to workout it would be a great help…

  11. Hi! My new set of weights just arrived so I have a lot to choose from. What weights would you recommend for this workout? I don't mind if it gets hard as long as I get results. 😀

  12. REBECCA!! Your videos are the best. You can motivate a stone!! Thank you so much. Keep on helping all of us to keep in shape and keep our figure from declining. 5/28/18

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