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GET HEALTHY! What to Eat Before & After Your Workout

yay for healthy recipes and fitness!! what to eat before and after your workout! (pre and post workout snacks) let’s get fit for 2018!! 🙂 lovee you!
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  1. This video was such a huge inspiration as all your videos are. This video really opened my eyes in so many different ways. I love you and your videos so much. Keep doing what you do! You’re amazing!!

  2. awesome tips. I'm definitely going to start eating pre workout foods and after workout foods during my working routines.

  3. I love your videos! You are SO SO SO inspirational! Also, this is hilarious, I got a Pringles commercial during this video, which is a health video .

  4. Thank you Cambria! Can you please do a video on how to accept yourself? Especially when you have so many flaws, physical and non-physical, and you feel as if you aren't good enough.
    P.S. You look wonderful! And that color looks really suits you!

  5. I love how your videos always end up being super inspirational. I missed your vids and vlogs!!! welcome back to youtube 🙂

  6. I don't pre or post, I don't stretch, and I don't warm up….I needa get back on the right track. I workout, but I needa make sure I do proper stuff because tbh I'm surprised I haven't hurt anything yet :L

  7. Such good timing with this video. My brother and I are working on doing our workouts in the AM but have no idea what to eat beforehand that isn’t a full on breakfast. Thanks, Bree! ❤️❤️

  8. I adore you and your message. I would to see more young women look up to people like you cause you put out a powerful message for them. Keep bringing kindness to this world of negativity cause I too have always struggled with my image.

  9. Hi Cambria!! I l LOVE your channel and your vlogs! I only found your videos this past January and have thoroughly been motivated, encouraged, and inspired physically, mentally, and spiritually! You are amazing and God is doing big things through you! Quick question I have is, how often do you end up letting yourself have a treat? I am trying to learn how to listen to my body but sometimes those cravings happen a little too often…. What is a reasonable allowance for treats?

  10. Hey I think you would really like Becca Bristow's Channel! She's a Registered Dietitian and she is all about intuitive eating, loving your body and eating to be healthy rather than looks

  11. I know she's always getting new subscribers so she wants to cater to them, but I feel like she's just posting the same video over and over… anyone else feeling this way? Lmk if I'm just crazy lmao

  12. hey Cambria ❤️ can you please make a video about aromatherapy on your channel (if you're still using them) it would be so great!!

  13. I love your videos so much! You're so honest and real! I'm a swimmer, so during swim season I eat a lot more food, I've been trying to find some good pre and post workout foods, so I'll definitely try these recipes!

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