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Get Fit for Summer! Workouts, Healthy Recipes + Must Haves!

time to get fit for summer! sharing my workouts & healthy recipes! Thank you Jergens Natural Glow for sponsoring this video.
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I hope this video inspires you to be healthy this summer! I know this girl…she’s strong, not afraid to get sweaty, knows when to push herself, isn’t afraid of a challenge, knows when to rest, gives herself grace, loves herself, is kind to herself…she’s pretty wonderful. And you know who she is? She’s YOU. you’re so capable girl, I believe in you! 🙂

Communicator. Hipster-friendly travel trailblazer. Extreme introvert. Beer ninja. Professional entrepreneur. Coffee junkie. Analyst. Web maven.


  1. Cambria I love your spirit and what God is doing with you! I hope you don’t get discouraged with the feedback many viewers are giving you on your videos being repetitive. We love you girl. Just hope God can give you some new material to share with us all. We love your editing and filming and energy for sure. I don’t always catch your Instagram stories so I hope we can get some updates soon on how the move actually was and how life has been after your devotional came out. I am a loyal follower. About ten years older than you and a mom. I have VERY similar values and share a lot of what you share as far as honoring our bodies and being intentional with our hearts. I just think it would be so awesome to really get a deeper look inside your journey to Christ with understanding the Bible and how you deeply study it in your marriage and how you memorize scripture and all that good stuff. Also some real time workouts would be awesome. I always love your energy with that. And I know Oregon probably has beautiful places to keep it moving. Anyway, we love you and hope to hear how you’ve transitioned. I recently moved and change can be hard even if it’s something that you know God had a hand in, it still can be difficult so praying everything is settling well. Xo, Julie

  2. You should do more videos telling us about you!! Like your life experiences and struggles and just what's going on with you now/for example: how'd your move go, more detail of why you decided to move, what marriage life is like (goods and bads), etc.

  3. Phew. The music breaks are a little loud in comparison to your voice-overs. Listening to your video with earbuds and it startled me :p

  4. yay!!! i love your content!! love the christian content as well!!!! cant wait to see more from you

  5. this was a fun video, the word says that we are slow to learn! and of course with anything that we do the word also says that we need to be reminded of the scripture constantly, all the time. As is with routines, John C maxwell says that it takes 21 days to establish a routine. Im new to this channel, and I'm not really gonna go back a couple years ago and watch every vlog she has but I appreciate older viewers comments as well as new ones.

  6. Girl, we need a house tour and an update on Oregon!! So excited for you and Bo in your next season of life. 🙂

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